St Edmund's RC Primary School

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St Edmund's RC Primary School

Years 5 and 6


There are 3 classes in Upper Key Stage Two. The classes are: 

Team Amethyst - Mr Holcroft

Team Violet - Miss Rogers

Team Magenta - Mr Kilner

We are also assisted by the phenomenal Mrs Barrington, the superlative Miss MacManus, the wonderful Mrs Butler, the amazing Mrs Fisher and the stupendous Miss Williams.

Upper Key Stage 2 Reminders

Years 5 and 6 have PE each Tuesday and Friday

Toast is available for the half-term via Parent Pay.

Your child will have a 'Reading Reward Card' in their reading record. Please ensure that your child reads each day - continuing to read with them is wonderful! If your child reads on at least five days in one week they will receive one stamp. When they have achieved 4 stamps your child will be given a reward in school. If you are unsure about anything, please speak to a member of the team. Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 


Our Curriculum

Click here for an overview of the subjects we will be studying this year.


Information Briefings

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Previous Meetings

Lledr Hall BriefingFriday 18th November 2.50pm

This briefing looked at the upcoming Year 5 residential trip. Click here to access the information slides from the meeting.

Year 5 and 6 Reading Briefing - Wednesday 19th October - 8.45am

Thank you to everyone who attended the Reading Briefing. Please click here for access to the information from the meeting.

Year 6 SATs Briefing - Friday 16th September - 2.50pm

Thank you to everyone who attended the SATs briefing. Please click here for access to the information from the meeting.


Google Classroom – Apps on Google Play

Our homework can be found on our Google Classroom page. Click here, or on the image, to access Google Classroom.


Spring 2

World Book Day

We celebrated another wonderful World Book Day - an entire day dedicated to our love of books and reading!


We also dedicated the first fortnight back in school to our poetry theme, so look out for some of our wonderful creations here!

RHS Bridgewater

Representatives from our school visited RHS Bridgewater to trial some new activities by Education Nature Park to promote biodiversity in schools.

We are looking forward to working more with them soon as we make our school a greener space.

Class Visitors

To support us with 'Living Things and their Habitats', we have welcomed some visitors into class. Tadpoles are an excellent illustration of an amphibian that undergoes a complete metamorphosis; leaf insects will allow us to observe an incomplete metamorphosis over the next few months.

Sonic Rhymes

St. Edmund's are so grateful to the poet, Sonic Rhymes, who visited our school on the first day back to celebrate World Book Day in style.


We spent the day as a school developing different poems before performing them to one another. Thank you Sonic!


We borrowed the eggs from Nursery and Reception and were fortunate enough to see them hatch.

Our classes are even more full of life this half-term, which is perfect for our current Science lessons.

BMX Experience

Each class in UKS2 were lucky enough to visit Peel Park's BMX course! We are very lucky to have such an excellent resource right on our doorstep.


Whilst at the park, we also took part in baseball games on the brand-new court!

Labelling Plants

Each class dissected tulips to investigate the male and female parts of flowering plants. Looking closer at each plant's flower helped us to build on our knowledge of reproduction in some plants.

Spring 1

Safer Internet Day

Following this year's Safer Internet Day theme of 'Want to talk about it?', we spent time discussing the ways to keep ourselves safe online. We acted out given scenarios, creating solutions for the character's problems. 

Fair, Share, Dare

In PE, we started our new topic by playing 'Spiderman' with our partners and reflected on how fair the rules are. Then we played in teams passing the ball between us to score at each end of the pitch. 

A night at the movies

In music, we are exploring music used in movies from the 1920s to the present day. We watched two cartoons from the 1920s and 30s, observing how they used sound effects and music to capture the action effectively. Then we used instruments to create action noises e.g. crash, walking, falling. 

Electrical Systems

In Design Technology, we started our new unit by researching toys and looking at their form compared to their function. This is preparing us for when we will make our own Steady Hand Game


We had an amazing time in the 'Wonder Dome' Planetarium, looking at fascinating images of the Planets and our Solar System. We loved recalling our knowledge from our Science topic on Space, and asked lots of intriguing questions. 

Ancient Maya

In History, we started our new topic by investigating different clues about the Ancient Maya and how they lived. We used our historical understanding to decipher whether a fact was more important than another. Then we ranked their  importance, justifying our responses. 


Ancient Maya Workshop

We enjoyed a fantastic workshop learning about the Ancient Mayan Empire and much more! Here’s photos of us learning about their social hierarchy, trying some of their dances and holding artefacts.


In Science we have been investigating gravity as the force acting between an unsupported object and Earth. We experienced different forces, learned about Isaac Newton's work, and then used a Newton Metre to measure the force acting on objects.


Our Science topic has been filled with exciting experiments. To investigate Friction, we compared the force needed to move different types of shoes. Using different materials, we compared the Air Resistance of parachutes, dropping them from LK2's balcony.

After a Water Resistance experiment comparing the time for different shapes of plasticine to sink, we created our own boats for a class race.  

Pendulums and Gravity!

We enjoyed investigating gravity further by comparing the ‘weight’ of a Pringles tube on different planets with differing gravity. The mass of an object never changes but the weight does in relation to the gravitational pull on the object.

Then we learned about Galileo Galilei's research on pendulums, making our own and analysing their accuracy in timing an excerpt of music. 

TriKidz Triathlon

We had a fantastic Triathlon experience with Tri Kidz. In the session, we all had a go at 'swimming', cycling and running. After this, we had group competitions before the final round. We had so much fun!

School subjects

To start our latest French topic, we recapped the school subjects and practised asking and answering questions on our  opinion of them. Facile! 

Autumn 2

Glue investigation!

This week, we looked at glue and how it has developed throughout history. During our investigation, we created different glue solutions, and tested their effectiveness. 


Our current computing topic involves using a Micro:bit. We have started to program an animation using the Micro:bit. Children were first able to create ideas which they then programmed using a forever loop! 

Aim, Strike, Retrieve

In PE, we started our new theme with a 'Destroy the Castle' activity, where each team created their own structure with a range of equipment, then practised aiming to 'destroy' it. This week we played 'Strike to Learn' , practising using different equipment to serve to a partner. 

Chess Club

We have tried to become a little more competitive in our games this half-term. We have practised standard openings, early check-mates and controlling the centre

Bonne nuit petit Jésus

Our French topic this half term is 'Celebrations'. We have been looking at the Christmas Story. This week, we read it aloud together after practising lots of new vocabulary!  

Through the Wall

To start our new text in English, our classes were divided: we did not associate with the 'other' side. We practised emphasising words for effect, before reading this to each 'side' of our classroom. We carried on reading to discover that children living on both sides are no different, and the Wall is not as 'great' as once thought. 


Whilst studying how to put our faith into action, we debated the ethics of how goods are manufactured, transported and sold. We discussed the choices we can make to help our global community.

Soluble or Insoluble?

This week, we tested the solubility of materials. We discussed the difference between melting and dissolving before working in groups to test marshmallows, hot chocolate, sprinkles, flour, salt, coffee and icing sugar. 

Properties and Materials

To start our Science topic, we recapped our previous knowledge by sorting materials based on their properties, and working in groups to separate mixed materials in our 'Cinderella's Problem' activity - there was a lot of mess! 

Autumn 1

Final Portraits

Here are some of our final portraits from our Art lessons this half-term. They are all so expressive, daring and creative! We practised lots of different techniques on the way and wanted our final portraits to represent our individuality.

Rotating or Orbiting?

We discussed how the sun is at the centre of our solar system and how Earth rotates on its axis, whilst orbiting the Sun. The Moon simultaneously rotates on its axis, whilst orbiting us in an anti clockwise direction. We enjoyed making both a human model and then a a paper model of this.

Fruity Thinking

 In Circle Time, we enjoyed learning about this half term's SUMO Principle, Fruity Thinking. We worked together to change 'Faulty' thoughts from our Inner Critic into 'Fruity' Thoughts with our Inner Coaches


To start our History topic of Ancient Greece, we played a timeline game where we had to correctly order each of the areas of history we have studied at St Edmund's so far.

Golden Time

 We celebrated our hard work in History and Art during Golden Time by competing in the Ancient Olympic Pentathlon and creating bizarre portraits.

Solar System Dynamics

In music, we have enjoyed learning ‘Sunblast’ and listening to multiple pieces of music with a theme of the Solar System. This week, we learned how to play a melodic ostinato on the glockenspiels. 

The Ancient Agora of Athens

In our Ancient Greece topic, we enjoyed learning about the people who would be in The Agora (market) on a normal day in Athens. We were all given the role of a person and had to meet others, discovering why they were also at the Agora today. This helped us understand every day life in Ancient Greece. 

Beyond the Physical

In our first week back at school, we developed a game where, as each player was caught, they added to an ever-growing line of chasers. We will keep working on this game, adding changes and challenges as we grow in confidence.


In French, we have been extending our learning about family members and pets. This week, we have been writing descriptions of animals with their size and colour. 

Poem Portraits

To start our Art topic, we developed our own unique self-portraits by first making a continuous line drawing of ourselves. Then we used a poem to create an outline of our portrait.


In English, we started our topic by debating whether there is life on other planets. Then we have been learning about the Mars Rover, Curiosity,  writing a proposal about our own rovers to NASA. We enjoyed making a timeline of the previous rovers, orbiters and landers.