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St Edmund's RC Primary School

Lledr 2022

Monday - Day 1

After a rainy journey down the A55, we arrived at Lledr Hall to find blue skies and sunshine awaiting us. We had a quick lunch, then began to find our way around the grounds through a fantastic orienteering exercise. Mr Edlington, our group leader, explained how to read the maps so that we could find each of the points.

Once we had visited the gear store to get kitted out with walking boots, waterproofs and backpacks, we found our dormitories and unpacked our bags.

After a dinner of meatballs and pasta, followed by chocolate cake and cream, we set off on a walk to explore the local area. We had to climb some steep hills. We trekked through a pine forest, then headed back to the river along a path lined with ferns which were taller than we were! Supper was delicious flapjacks. Then it was time for bed. 31 exhausted children and 4 tired teachers headed off for bad after an amazing first day.

Quote of the day: 'This has been the coolest day I've ever had!' Patrick W.


Evening Walk

Tuesday - Day 2

After a good night's sleep, and an early morning start (5.30am for some of the boys!), we had a hearty breakfast of cereals, toast, sausages, hash browns, baked beans and scrambled egg. Then we packed our lunches and were split into our three activity groups with the staff from Lledr Hall. We had to listen carefully to the instructions so that we wore the correct clothing and packed the correct equipment into our rucksacks.

After our activities had finished, we had time to shower and change our clothes before going into the lounge to play some games (and make a big mess!) Once we had tidied up, it was dinnertime. We had the biggest fish fingers ever (Were they from a shark???) with chips and peas. Apparently, peas taste different at Lledr Hall than they do in Salford, because lots of children asked for seconds! Dessert was home made Arctic Roll - Ms Green was very happy because that is her favourite!

After dinner, we had quiet time to tidy our dormitories before playing outside until supper time.

Mrs Butler's Group

In the morning, we went kayaking on the river with Mr Edlington and Miss Thompson. After carrying the canoes from the trailer down to the river,  we paddled downstream and stopped for a picnic lunch half way. We played some games in the river before paddling back towards Lledr Hall.

When we got back to the hall, we got kitted out in safety gear and headed out to tackle the high ropes course on site. Everyone was very brave and conquered their fears.

Quotes of the day: 


Ms Green and Mrs Fisher's Group

In the morning, we met up with Mr Fearnall, our group leader, and headed off to Capel Curig on the minibus. We went on a very wet and windy mountain walk which involved lots of tricky rock climbing too. We had to use lots of teamwork and motivation to keep ourselves going, but it was worth it for the views from the summit. 

After lunch and some much needed hot chocolate back at the hall, we got our safety gear on and used our teamwork skills to get round the Jungle Gym course on site. We could see our brave friends above us on the high ropes course too.

Quotes of the day: 

'You almost killed me!' Lola (at the bottom of the slide)

'I'm so tired I can't feel my body any more!' Terry (7pm)

Miss Rogers' Group

To begin the day, we got all our safety gear on and headed down to the Jungle Gym. We were super brave and very kind to each other, working as a team to make sure everyone had a go.

After lunch, Mrs Fryer took us on a short journey down to Dolwyddelan to do some gorge walking in the river there. There were some brilliant slides and we had great fun in the water - the rain didn't bother us one bit.

Quotes of the day: 

'This isn't a long walk, but it isn't a short walk either!' Lauren 

'Look after Mrs Butler - she needs saving!'

Wednesday - Day 3

We had another action-packed day today. After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans and hash browns, we set off to find out about our different activities. Many of us (teachers included) had to overcome our fears to complete the activities successfully.

In the evening, the rain had stopped, so we had time to play outside, before Games Night in the classroom. We had a wonderful time exploring the amazing hand-made games which are unique to Lledr Hall.

Mrs Butler's Group

Today, our first activity of the day was Gorge Walking. We worked hard as a team to all get up the gorge and make it to the slide - it was so worth it. We had a wonderful time!

This afternoon we went on the Low Ropes course at Jungle Gym. We worked hard as a team to complete the course, sometimes having to balance wooden planks to reach the other side, and help each other cross on the rope swing.

Three activities in one day?! We even managed to squeeze in time to complete 'Crack the Code' using our knowledge of the 8 compass points.

Ms Green and Mrs Fisher's Group

Despite the grey weather, we headed out to River Dwryd on the minibus. Once there, we learned how to paddle on the canoes which required lots of teamwork. We had a lot of fun playing games across the canoes, and our waterproof clothes kept us reasonably dry!

We came back to Lledr Hall shortly after lunch, and headed to the High Ropes course. We were all so brave to get up there! Lots of us did some of the trickier challenges, including crossing the ladder bridge and climbing up the bell tower. We had so much fun!

Quotes of the day:

'Are they llamas?' - Maizie-Mae (whilst being approached by three unsuspecting sheep!)

'Will the crocodiles bite us?' Lacey-Mae (in the salt-water tidal estuary) 

'No, the hippos have eaten all the crocodiles!' Mr Fearnall 

Miss Rogers' Group

This morning, we set off on a walk to Shallow Falls. We could hear the water and were excited to make it to the waterfall viewpoint. It looked incredible! We enjoyed taking in the views before returning to our minibus, and finding a lovely lunch spot. Fortunately the weather suddenly improved! 

After lunch, we started our next activity: bouldering, or 'weaseling' as we called it, after discussing the skills weasels have for squeezing through tight spaces. 

We challenged ourselves to get through some particularly small spots, and enjoyed extra climbing challenges once we had come back down.
A final surprise to end the day - time to go on the newly-fixed Jungle Gym slide!

Thursday - Day 4

We've had another brilliant day at Lledr Hall. We woke up to a superb breakfast of pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. The teachers were very pleased when the lovely ladies in the kitchen said we are the best school for being polite and respectful and tidying up and cleaning the dining hall after we have been in there. Miss said if there was a gold medal, we would definitely win it.

We had another full day of teamwork and co-operation - it has been brilliant to see the children supporting each other and using all the new skills they have learnt. 

Dinner tonight was delicious home-made spinach and tomato pizza with potato pieces, coleslaw and salad. 

All week, the children had been convinced we were going to have a party on the last night. Some if them had even packed party dresses for the occasion. They were not disappointed to discover that we were, in fact, having a campfire with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. The children in choir serenaded us with some of their favourite songs, and some children shared traditional songs from their own cultures.

After the campfire, we had some time to play out in the garden. The children, and Miss Rogers, had a whale of a time rolling down the hill. It has been beautiful to see the wonderful friendships which have been strengthened over the week. We ended our evening with our school mission statement: we have definitely lived out these values in abundance during our time at Lledr.

Mrs Butler's Group

In the morning we climbed up Clogwyn Mawr. We were determined to get to the summit and we ate our picnic lunch at the very top. The weather was amazing and we could see for miles. On the way back down, we played hide and seek in the tall ferns.

Just in case we hadn't seen enough rocks in the morning, we spent our afternoon at the bouldering slab. Teamwork was the word of the day: everyone worked together to support and encourage so that the entire team could complete all the challenges.

'Let's hope the 'midgets' don't come and get us.' Everyone, at some point this week! Luckily, the staff had a never ending supply of 'midget spray' to keep the midges at bay.

Ms Green and Mrs Fisher's Group

This morning we had a fantastic experience bouldering and weaselling in the rocks above Capel Curig. Despite some tears, the children conquered their fears and everyone, including the teachers, made it to the top. We had a picnic lunch on the rocks before returning to the Hall to get ready for our final activity.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Dolwyddelan Gorge to put all our newfound climbing skills into practice by climbing up a waterfall. We all enjoyed the water slide at the very top.

Mr Fearnall had enjoyed our company so much that he even stayed for dinner with us after he finished work tonight.

'Lledr is the Happiness Hotel.' Lola

'That weasel looks deformed.' Gabriela (Poor Mr Fearnall had tried his best at drawing - see above)

Ms Rogers' Group

In the morning, we set off down the Afon Dwryd in the canoes. We  had to work as a team to get the canoes across the grass to the river. We played some fun games and had some races. We were the only group where no-one ended up falling in the water - so we must have been the best!

After lunch, we got our safety gear on and headed up to the high ropes course. Everyone followed the safety instructions and bravely tried out all the high ropes courses.

Quotes of the Day:

'This rock is leaking!' Patryk (we then found out you could drink the rainwater as it poured over the rock edge.)

'We're going on a 'God' walk this afternoon.' Lacey-Mae (Ms Green was tempted to whip out a Bible halfway up the 'Gorge' walk!)

Heading Home!

The children have been a delight to be with this week. Their teamwork, resilience and listening skills have improved so much and they have made some memories which will stay with them forever. We have lived together, cried together, overcome our fears together and most importantly, laughed together this week. This has been the perfect way to bring them together as a team before they move on into Year Six.

Thank you, from an exhausted staff team: Ms Green, Ms Rogers, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Butler.