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St Edmund's RC Primary School


Welcome to our Reception Class!

Reception Team

Team Orange - Mrs Bradbury Class Teacher

Team Yellow - Mrs Leeson Class Teacher (3 days)

Mrs Bramer Class Teacher (2 days) 

Mrs Backhouse - Teaching Assistant

Miss Gray - HLTA PPA 

Reception Reminders: Please ensure your child has a PE kit, in a named bag, in school.  Fruit is available free of charge daily. Toast and milk are available for the half term via Parent Pay.  Thank you!


As you know Tapestry is wonderful app used by the Early Years Team. We use it to document children's learning journeys in school. We love it when you view our in school learning and add your comments! 
Remember you can use Tapestry at home to share any learning or experiences from home. We always love to hear for you.  Click on the image below to access a guide
to explain 'The why and how of adding observations; for families using Tapestry at home.'

Team Orange

Team Yellow

Online Home Learning Links

Reading Eggs is an amazing website/app that you can use from home. You can have great fun playing games and reading.

Children have their own individual reading login which you should have received by email. If you cannot find your child's login details, please ask a member of the Reception team and they will gladly give this to you!

Happy reading! 

Click on the image to access the website. 

Mathseeds is part of the Reading eggs app that you can use from home.  You can have great fun playing maths games.

The login for this amazing app is the same as your child's reading login. If you cannot find your child's login details, please ask a member of the Reception team and they will gladly give this to you!


Click on the image to access the website. 

Our homework web has lots of suggested home activities linked to our current topic. These activities are linked to the areas of learning in Reception and are designed to be practical, using resources at home which do not need printing.
These activities are for the whole of the half term. Ideally, you should select one activity to complete each week. Which activity you choose and the order in which you complete them is entirely your choice.
Once you have selected an activity from the web you can upload photos or videos on Tapestry to show completed homework. We will then award your child with a green dojo.

We can’t wait to see all your lovely homework and celebrate their work in class. 

Summer One 2023


As part of our topic on 'Superheroes' we arranged for DanTastic Education to deliver a Superhero workshop for all of the children in EYFS.  The children came to school today wearing their own Superhero outfits. A fantastic day was had by all! 

Spring Two 2023


Our next principle is 'Learn Latin.' This principle only requires us to learn two words of Latin: ‘Carpe Diem’ which in English means ‘seize the day.’ 


Many of us are really good at procrastination: putting things off, avoiding risks or situations that we we find to be difficult: being afraid of try for fear of failure

Remember, F.A.I.L also stands for ‘First Attempt in Learning.’

World Book Day 

Today the children dressed up as their favourite character from a book.  They all looked fantastic!
We have all taken part in lots of special activities throughout the day and we have all had so much fun. 

English - Story Writing

We have been focusing on the story ‘The Ugly Duckling.’ Yesterday the children created a story map choosing key points from the story. Today the children used their story map to help them write the story.
Everyone tried so hard. Well done everyone! 


We had a very special delivery from the farm this week. When we got to school this morning the children were excited to see that all of our chicks had hatched out of their eggs overnight. Fortunately Mr Holcroft had filmed everything so the children were able to watch a video of the chicks hatching.

Stations of the Cross

Reception followed the Stations of the Cross and were very thoughtful and respectful. We talked about how they made us feel.


We have been learning how to measure length using non-standard units. The children enjoyed measuring things using matchsticks, cubes, paper feet and lots more.  

This afternoon we got the chicks out of their special box and the children all had the opportunity to hold or stroke one of them. Everyone waited patiently until it was their turn and then tried their very best to be gentle.
After handling the chicks the children all made sure that they washed their hands carefully. They then spoke about the importance of washing away all the germs after handling animals.

Spring One 2023

Bread Tasting

In our literacy lessons, we have been learning about The Little Red Hen. We enjoyed tasting lots of breads- white, whole meal, seeded and some hot cross buns. They were delicious! We then wrote about what they tasted like.

“They were yummy” “It was tasty,” were some examples of what we wrote.

Church Visit

 We had the opportunity to stay behind after whole school Mass. The children were able to look at all the wonderful, different features in our Church. They saw the nativity scene, the tabernacle and were able to stand at the altar
During our time in Church, the children were very respectful. Well done Reception! ⛪️

Children's Mental Health Week

We have been learning about Professor Pinwheels's Superpower! He helped us to notice how our body feels when we take a deep breath in and out.  Taking deep breaths helps us to calm down when we feel upset, cross or worried

Chinese Dance Workshop.

 The children have had a wonderful day today taking part in our Chinese Dance Workshop. Everyone tried so hard and their behaviour was impeccable!
Well done everyone, we are so proud of you all! 

Chinese Food Tasting

This week, we have loved tasting lots of Chinese foods in our class. We tried egg fried rice, spring rolls, wontons and prawn toast. Most of us loved it! We described what the foods tasted like and wrote our favourite foods in our special writing books.   

Autumn Two 2022

Nurse Visit

As part of our topic, people who help us, we had a visit from Nurse Emily. She brought her kit bag and showed us all the equipment she uses to help look after her patients. She explained that she has a special watch that she has to pin on her uniform so it doesn’t get in the way and a torch that she uses at night to check her patients. She let us pass them around and have a closer look.
Mrs Leeson pretended to be a patient and Nurse Emily checked her blood pressure, her temperature and her heart rate with her special machines. She then demonstrated how to put bandages on and she even let some of us pretend to be patients.
Nurse Emily talked to us all about the importance of washing our hands after going to the toilet and before we eat so we don’t spread germs to each other.
We all had lots of fun and before Nurse Emily went back to the hospital we did a special performance of our 'Ness the Nurse' poem for her.

Remembrance Day

 At 11am on 11th November, we remembered those who died during the First and Second World Wars, and subsequent conflicts.  The whole school held a two minute silence.  The reception children were extremely respectful.  

Children engaged in many activities, including, designing medals and creating their own poppies

Role Play

The children have enjoyed using our 'Witches Kitchen' role play area. They have been created lots of different spells and potions

Firefighter Visit

This morning we had a very special visit from some firefighters. They talked to us about their role and all the different things they have to do to keep people safe. They explained to us what to do if there is a fire and then demonstrated how to fall to the ground and roll over, if our clothes catch fire.

We then went outside to see the fire engine. We looked at all the equipment and the fireman explained what they were all used for. He then switched on the flashing blue lights and sirens for us.
We had so much fun!


This week we have been learning about 'Recycling.' Later we sang a song called 'Recycled Robot' which was sung to the tune of 'The Hokey Cokey.' Children moved their heads and limbs making jerky, robotic actions

Police Visit

As part of our topic, people who help us, we have had a very special visit today from some police officers. We all had so much fun!
They showed us their uniforms and all the different hats they use and talked about their different purposes. They even let us try them all on! We also looked at some handcuffs and a baton and they explained how and when they use them.
One of the police officers took us outside to see his police car. He showed us all the equipment he has to keep in there in case of an emergency and then he let us all have a turn of sitting in his police car. We were even allowed to turn on the blue flashing lights and the siren.

Maths No Problem

In Maths we have been learning to talk about time in terms of night and day, days of the week and months of the year.

The children particularly enjoyed our final lesson of the week where they had to follow a sequence of pictures to create their own 'Fruit Caterpillar Kebab.' Finally they enjoyed eating their finished work!


Our next principle is 'Remember the Beachball.'  In this lesson, children learnt about the fact that just because two people see things differently, it does not mean that one is right and the other is wrong. Sometimes they can both be right or both be wrong. 

Autumn One 2022

Black History Month

This years theme is: Time for Change: Action Not Words. 

We learned about how we have a diverse, welcoming school community but there are still times where it could improve in our world. Over the two weeks we thought about change.

Guided Reading

What a busy week we have had with all our reading in Reception.  We started to do our Guided Reading in our lunchtime groups.  We really enjoyed sharing our first book, 'The Robot' in Team Yellow and 'Monster Mess' in Team Orange. 


We completed our first Read Write Inc lesson this week. We have been practising our new signals. We are starting to write our sounds in our special books. 


In our writing lessons we have been learning all about 'The Three Little Pigs' story.  We have completed some excellent writing and created some fantastic houses using lots of straw, etc. 


The children have been exploring the meaning of the Rosary.  What is it?  When do we use it? What do we use it for?  We looked at different styles and created a class Rosary for our Prayer area. 


In our music lesson we listened to a story about two friends that dress up as pirates and find some unusual treasure.  We then learnt a song called 'Being someone new.'  We sang the song, adding claps on certain lines. The children then chose a percussion instrument to play instead of the claps.

Maths No Problem

We have been recognising and creating repeating patterns. We have been using a variety of forms such as a repeating pattern of colours, shapes, sizes, orientations, actions and sounds. The children then used their knowledge to complete the work in our Maths No Problem journals. 

Topic: Pets

This week we have been loving our new Vets area!  We have enjoyed pretending to be vets and looking after the poorly animals.

We completed some prescriptions and helped to sound out our words. 

Queen Elizabeth II

This week we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her life. We discussed why people may be upset by her passing and how special she was to lots of people across the country.  We said a prayer and did some lovely creative activities to remember her. 


In RE we have been learning about how God knows and loves all of us.  God calls us by our name and we are all special to him. We all wrote our name on a handprint to make our own tree in our Prayer Area.

Bible Stories

This half term we have been focusing on God's Wonderful World. We read the Creation story and accessed lots of activities relating to it.