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Welcome to our Reception Class!

Reception Team

Team Orange - Mrs Bradbury Class Teacher

Team Yellow - Miss Howard Class Teacher

Mrs Egan - Teaching Assistant/Key Group Worker

Mrs Backhouse - Teaching Assistant/Key Group Worker

Miss Dalton - PPA Teacher

Reception Reminders: Please ensure your child has a named bag with a pair of black pumps in school.  Fruit is available free of charge daily. Toast and milk are available for the half term via Parent Pay.  Thank you!


As you know Tapestry is wonderful app used by the Early Years Team. We use it to document children's learning journeys in school. We love it when you view our in school learning and add your comments! 
Remember you can use Tapestry at home to share any learning or experiences from home. We always love to hear for you.  Click on the image below to access a guide
to explain 'The why and how of adding observations; for families using Tapestry at home.'
If we are forced to conduct home learning due to COVID 19 we will be using Tapestry to share home learning activities. You will be able to access these using 'memos'. You cannot view 'memos' on the app, you need to access Tapestry via your internet browsers to see the memos sent by teachers. 

Team Orange

Team Yellow

Autumn One Class Celebration 

We cannot hold our usual Reception Parents Celebration in school at the moment so we have uploaded an i-movie to give you a small insight into what we have been learning this half term. 

Information Briefing 

We can't hold our usual Reception Reading briefing in school at the moment so we have uploaded some information below. Please speak to us if you're unsure about anything. 

Reading Workshop Reception 2020

Spring Two 2021

Spring One 2021

A very different half term! Most of us have been at home this half term and some of us in school. Although we may have not been together in school we have still worked hard together as a team. Well done everyone! Even a global pandemic hasn't stopped us learning across the whole curriculum.  A half term to remember, thank you everyone. 


We have been learning how to create story maps.  We then learnt how to step the story by adding words and actions to our story map.  The children really enjoyed doing this.  In addition to all of this, we have been working hard on our letter formation and ‘cvc’ words.  The children have also been writing simple sentences about winter.

Anti-Bullying Week 

An important annual event at St Edmund's RC Primary. We focused on acts of kindness this year and we are one kind bubble. So many of you have been selfless and so very kind

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about how Chinese people celebrate! The children loved how the children prepared by creating lanterns and ‘Good Luck’ banners. They really enjoyed watching the street parade with all the dragons and firecrackers. We then made our own dragons and lanterns whilst we listened to some oriental music!

Take a look at our photo's Image result for arrow symbol


We have been learning about Length, Weight and Capacity.  Some of the children made their own ‘Oatmeal play dough.’ Some even made a cake for Miss Molnar’s friend.

We have also been learning to: Compare sets without counting. Using the phrases ‘same amount’, ‘more’ and ‘fewer.'  We have been adding two groups together including zero. Using the ‘part, part, whole’ method.  We explored how to use ten frames and number lines to add and take away. And we learnt about 'time',  sequencing daily events and recalling days of the week and months of the year.


We have been learning all about ‘Winter.’  We discussed and compared the different seasons and different types of weather.  The children have engaged in a ‘Winter Hunt.’

They have designed a snowmen, designed their own Winter clothes and made snowflakes.

We also explored how some animals hibernate during the Winter period.  And some children created their own hedgehog home.

Chinese New Year


We have been exploring the properties of ‘Snow’ and discussing the changes

We had a lot of apples left! So we made ‘stewed apple’ and the children used their senses to explore the changes. Then the children took some home to share with their family.

Safer Internet Day

Today, we have been learning how to stay safe whilst online. 

Odd Socks Day

We wore our odd socks to represent that we may all be different but we are all equal

Autumn Two 2020

A Special Visitor

As we arrived at school this morning, Father Christmas was on the roof ringing his bell and waving at us.  He then did a tour of the school, stopping outside each classroom to give us a special Christmas message. 


This week is the start of Advent. We enjoyed a wonderful Liturgy created by our Gift Team. We have also created advent wreaths and talked about what they mean. 

Remembrance Day

 Reception created their own poppies to remember those who died to save us!

Reception will always remember them.

Party Day

Well what a fantastic time Reception had today! We had a disco in the hall and had lots of fun dancing with the teachers and doing the conga around the hall and out onto the front of the school.  
After lunch we played some party games and had a few light refreshments.  What a wonderful time we all had!


The children have been exploring shapes and creating patterns. 


The children really enjoy going into the hall for our P.E. sessions.  The children have been learning how to warm up their bodies before we begin and cool down when we have finished.

This half term we have been looking at 'Teamwork and Games.'

Christmas Jumper Day

It was Christmas jumper day in school today and the children all took part in our 'Santa Mile Run' around the playground.  They had lots of energy and were very enthusiastic.


Yes Santa and his reindeers visited school today. A great way to start the festive period in school. 

Meg and Mog

  In English we have reading the stories 'Meg and Mog' and 'Winnie the Witch.'

The children have been fully engaged in all the activities on offer.  They loved dressing up and creating wands and spells.   

Autumn One 2020

All About Me!

Our Topic this half term has been 'All About Me!'  The children have been learning about different body parts, how we are all different and what makes us unique

Black History Month

As part of 'Black History Month' Reception were introduced to this through a Circle time session.  We then looked at African tribal dances and created our own tribal mask.  Take a look! 

Small World

The children have really enjoyed exploring the outside area.  One of their favourite places to explore is our small world area.  They are developing their imagination whilst they use the Fairies and knights to create role play situations. 

A week in Reception

The children have settled in really well. They have been enjoying all the activities on offer and they have been looking after each other well.  All of the children have adapted well to the new routines that have been set in place. 

Whatever Next! 

 In English, we have been looking at the story 'Whatever Next.'  The children enjoyed re-enacting the story and thinking about what they would like in their picnic basket to the moon.  Some of the children chose the writing area to write a list. 

Month of the Rosary

We  have been learning all about 'The Holy Rosary' and Mary's Prayer.

We looked at all the main parts of the Rosary and the prayers linked to each part.