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Physical Education


Physical Education at St Edmunds aspires to offer a rich, varied and inclusive curriculum that both, meets the expectations of the National Curriculum, and provides high quality opportunities for all pupils to undertake a wide range of physical activities, which may not be available in the wider community. Our pupils’ personal development is at the heart of everything we do: We are helping to develop a culture across school, which improves academic achievement and the overall health and well being of our pupils, whilst enabling them to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.  Through the development of pupils’ skills, physical movement and knowledge of sport, we hope to: build resilience and independence; embed values such as teamwork and respect; develop communication and leadership skills.



If you would like to know more about the Physical Education curriculum at St Edmund's, please arrange an appointment with your child's teacher or Mr Warburton, or alternatively follow links on this page to the statutory information. 


The children are really enjoy going into the hall for their P.E. sessions.  The children have been learning how to warm up their bodies before we begin and cool down when we have finished.

This half term we have been looking at 'Teamwork and Games.' Pupils have developed their use of control and co-ordination through both large and small movements. Spatial awareness has been a key topic, focusing on how they can move around, in a number of different ways, safely. 


Lower KS2

LKS2 have brought the curtain down on this years swimming lessons recently. It has been fantastic to see the pupils gain confidence and competence in the water, honing some vital skills needed for the future. In addition, handball has allowed them to develop their spatial awareness and throwing and catching skills. Pupils have been able to implement these into small sided competitive games, working collaboratively. Some of these skills have laid a foundation for future learning as pupils have transferred them into a range of cricket scenarios. 


Year 1 and 2 have been enjoying learning to compete in small teams during different games in PE. They really enjoyed 'Treasure Island' and 'Rabbits and Foxes'. They practised our skills in moving with control and speed in these activities, whilst showing awareness of the space around them.





Upper KS2

UKS2 have been developing their communication skills alongside teamwork and problem solving during their Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA) unit. They worked in small groups to navigate through a range of obstacles whilst blindfolded, under the instruction of others. Pupils competed in 'robbing the nest' to develop their use of tactics and teamwork. 

Extra Curricular

Tag rugby

Quick sticks hockey

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