St Edmund's RC Primary School

Queen Street, Little Hulton, Salford M38 0WH



0161 921 1940

Admission Arrangements

St Edmund's is a Roman Catholic primary school provided by the Diocese of Salford and is maintained by Salford City Council as a voluntary aided school.

Admission to the school will be made by the governing body in accordance with the stated preferences it receives, subject to the following set of criteria, which will be used to form a priority order if there are more applications for admission than the school has places available.

What happened last year?

Application and admission numbers from last year can help give you a picture of how difficult it is to get into a school.

  • St Edmund's RC Primary School planned to admit 39 pupils to Nursery class.
  • St Edmund’s R.C. Primary School planned to admit 45 pupils to Reception class.
  • There were 72 applicants that listed St Edmund’s R.C. Primary School as one of their choices.
  • Only 45 places were offered.

 For ‘In Year’ applications received outside the normal admissions round, if places are available they will be offered to those who apply. If there are places available but more applicants than places, then the published over-subscription criteria will be applied as set out in the Admissions Policy

Applications for admission must be made to the local authority. To find out more click here.