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St Edmund's RC Primary School

Support services during COVID-19

  • The Launch Project: Doing emergency packs for people self-isolating or finding it hard to get out  0161 883 3192 
  •  Salford Assist: People in crisis who don’t have money for food or heating call 0800 694 3695
  • Costcutter Eccles: Offering free delivery for elderly and vulnerable 07958241154/ 07544371341
  • The Tatton: Ordsall Café. Hold the bread and butter project. Family Shopping from £7 0161 872 6011
  • Go Local Whit Lane: Offering basic living packages to the elderly of Whit Lane and surrounding area. A bottle of milk, bread, toilet roll and a bottle of water. Delivered for free. 07494522674
  • Iceland Salford Precinct: Open for over 65’s 9-11 on a Wednesday
  • Gas and electric- pay and go If you are down to £4 on your gas and electric pay and go. You can phone your provider and ask for a fuel voucher. You can do this twice a year and don’t have to pay it back. £40 credit will be given to you.
  • Baby formula If you can’t get baby formula, if you ring your local pharmacy they should be able to order you some. or if you look on the back of the baby formula tin some have helpline numbers and they should be able to deliver some to you. 

Operation Encompass

The school has been given the opportunity to take part in a project that will run jointly between schools and Greater Manchester Police. This is called Operation Encompass.


This means that if police are called out to a domestic abuse incident the school will be notified so that they can care for your child’s needs the following day. Operation Encompass has been designed to provide early reporting to schools of any domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of school but which might have an impact on a child attending school the following day. This information will be shared on school days during the school term. When incidents occur on a Friday, Saturday or a Sunday, the police will contact the relevant school the following Monday.

A nominated member of school staff, known as a Key Adult, will be trained to liaise with the police. At St Edmund's RC Primary school our Key Adults in school are Mrs Harrison (Head Teacher) and Mrs Yardley (School based family support).

They will be able to use information that has been shared with them, in confidence, to ensure that the school is able to support children and their families. Information will be shared where it is identified that a child or young person was present, witnessed or was involved in a domestic abuse incident.

We always endeavour to offer the best support possible to our pupils and believe that Operation Encompass is going to be beneficial and supportive for all concerned.

Some information about Encompass is included in this letter but if you would like more information about this new initiative, you can contact our Key Adult at St Edmund's RC Primary school

Domestic Abuse support

If you are in immediate danger, please call 999

and ask for the police.

If you are not in immediate danger, SIDAs and the following helplines are advised: 

England: Freephone 24 hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 
0808 2000 247 (run by Refuge)

Support is available from national Women's Aid's online chat service, open from 10am-12pm Monday-Friday.

Bright Sky app by Hestia

Bright Sky is a free to download mobile app, launched by Hestia in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, providing support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or those concerned about someone they know.

The app is also designed to be used by specialist and non-specialist practitioners and other employers, and for anyone looking for information about issues around domestic abuse such as online safety, stalking and harassment and sexual consent.

For perpetrators-

Men's Advice Line: 0808 801 0327

Respect helpline: 0808 802 4040 (for anyone worried that they may be harming someone else)


It is advice and guidance on how to survive economic abuse with key helplines and links for victims living through this current situation. Please use this when supporting victims when revisiting your safety planning


Mustard Tree

New food club opening times update for March 2020:

Monday: Little Hulton- Closed  - Eccles 10am - 2pm 

Tuesday: Little Hulton 10am - 2pm - Eccles 10am - 2pm 

Wednesday: Little Hulton 10am - 2pm - Eccles 10am - 2pm 

Thursday: Little Hulton- Closed  - Eccles- Closed  

Friday: Little Hulton- Closed  - Eccles- Closed

Please call 0161 288 7331

or call into   

 Mustard Tree 50 Hulton District centre 

TIKTOK is a online app that is a global video community where users create, share and discover ‘funny and memorable moments’ via short video clips.

Please be aware that children need to be 13 yrs and over to use this app.

Some of the outfits and dance moves in videos can be overtly sexual and provocative. There have also been reports of some users sharing concerning content, such as videos that promote anorexia, porn, self-harm and violence. If your child’s profile is open, strangers can use the app to comment on your child’s videos


TikTok lets users lip-sync to their favourite songs and produce their own music videos. Some of the music choices contain swear words or sexual themes, So not only can children be exposed to potentially inappropriate content but they can broadcast themselves miming or singing these lyrics


Its a parents responsibility to ensure your children are safe online - school can educate your children to be safe online but do not have responsibility for the apps they download and how they are used.


It’s important to note that new challenges are arising on the internet all the time. This guided has been created to raise awareness of the issue and offer advice on helping parents to talk to their children about making safer decisions online. This guide is based on what parents need to know about 'MOMO'.


At St Edmunds we really value the importance of teaching our children how to be safe both online and in the ‘real world’.

We also appreciate the opportunity to share ideas and talk to parents about this.

Did you know about ‘Youtube Kids’ 

This is specifically for children and they can only access appropriate videos on it. A couple of parents said they used this and it worked well. It can be found via google.

Parental controls and filters

These are vital in order to safeguard your children. The NSPCC works in collaboration with O2 to help parents set these up. You can phone them for advice on 0808 800 5002 and they will talk you through how to ensure all your parental settings and controls are in place. Some parents have used this and found it to be very useful.

SIDASS Operational procedure - COVID 19


SIDASS will continue to provide the same advice and advocacy service. However, in light of the COVID 19 pandemic we will be offering telephone support only. 

To ensure safety for both our staff and clients (particularly those who have underlying health conditions), Face to face appointments are being suspended until further notice.  This is not a big change to our service delivery as most of our client contact is via phone call.

 All group work has been postponed until further notice due to the closure of the Women’s Centre and the government advising social distance.

Update 25/03/20 - the service will now be extending the support offered through the telephone helpline service into evenings and weekends.

The helpline extended hours will now be 1pm until 9pm Monday-Friday, Saturday 10-1pm, and Sunday 1-4pm.


  • We will be monitoring demand on the service.
  • We will be updating our website with this information.
  • We will provide SIDASS information packs electronically.

 As per our normal procedure, we will provide our duty system whereby the duty worker will deal with all helpline calls and enquiries, requests for information and screen all referrals. We will be prioritising helpline calls which are from survivors.

  •  The admin/case manager will check all referral inboxes and referrals will be processed as usual. We respond to all referrals within 48 hours of receiving.
  •  Case manager/admin will triage all cases. Cases will be allocated to an IDVA in the same way.
  •  Criminal court trials are currently being adjourned.
  •  The family law solicitors who support our service are still available for emergency civil advice /injunctions.
  •  We are providing some dedicated refuge space for Salford residents.
  •  We will be providing emotional support where there is no practical intervention.

 The IDVA’s are in the process of contacting all of their current clients to complete safety plans and to explain that we are now supporting over the phone only/email only. New clients will also be informed of this current way of working.

 We will prioritise and provide regular updates to allocated Social workers who are supporting children on CP plans. We will give updates about what advice and support/safeguarding has been implemented on cases that are open to SIDASS.

We will be part of the MARAC exceptional delivery model and will be linking in daily with the CMT to safeguard the high risk cases

Food Bank support 

The Well

Trafford Street, Farnworth, BL4 7PQ

Telephone: 01204 861671 


St Georges Church 

 Plodder Lane, Farnworth, BL4 0BR



This is a new support group in Little Hulton, supporting children and their families with Autism/ Asperger's 

The group will offer a range of support and give everyone the opportunity to learn about Autism and Asperger's 

Help to find strategies and resources for a child or adult on the ASD spectrum.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in
the world, with more than 1.5 billion people in more than
180 countries using it to send and receive text, photos,
videos and documents, as well as make voice and video
calls through an Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Since May 2018, the minimum age for using WhatsApp is 16 years old if you live in the European Union, including the UK. WhatsApp has not yet stated whether it
will take action against anyone aged between 13 and 16 who already hold accounts under the old terms and conditions.

Cyberbullying is the act of sending threatening or taunting,text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos, with the aim to hurt and humiliate the receiver. The group chat and group video call features are great for multiple people to chat simultaneously, but there is the potential for people to hurt others with their comments or jokes. The ‘only admin’ feature gives the admin of a group chat greater control over who can send messages.

Its a parents responsibility to ensure your children are safe online - school can educate your children to be safe online but do not have responsibility for the apps they download and how they are used

Anything you notice can help a child at risk.

We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect.

Many people do not act because they’re worried about being wrong.

You don’t have to be absolutely certain; if you’re concerned a child is being abused or their safety is at risk, speak to someone.

Following these simple steps and reporting your concerns to your local council could provide the missing piece of information that is needed to keep a child safe.

Child abuse. If you think it, report it.



Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of children.


There is lots of information for parents about keeping your children safe online.

Online safety and keeping children safe is a high priority in school.

We need parents to keep there children safe at home online too

please check your children's settings online

Attached is the guide for Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Apple and Nintendo 3DS.




We do lots of work at St Edmunds around  bullying and online safety and what this looks like to a child.

Here is some support around bullying behaviour for parents to read through to ensure your children are safe online.

Please speak to your children around friendships and falling out and how this is different to bullying.

If your child/children feel they are being bullied online please use this document for support and let the school know as soon as possible. 

We can support your children in school with such issues but we are unable to deal with these issues out of school.

Please speak with and support your children if this is happening out side of the school