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Vision Statement

Our vision for computing at St Edmund’s is for the curriculum to equip all pupils with the skills to use technology purposefully and to create, evaluate and present their digital content to others. Our pupils are given the opportunity to design, create and debug programs and to communicate this with others, with a growing independence.

At St Edmund’s, we recognise the importance of developing our children’s awareness and safety when using technology. We teach our children to use technology responsibly, particularly online, in order to become safe, active participants in a digital world. 

If you would like to know more about the computing curriculum at St Edmund's, please arrange an appointment with your child's teacher or Miss Rogers.

Alternatively, statutory information is available online by clicking here.

At St Edmund's we follow the programme Espresso Coding for our coding modules of computing. 

Computing One Page Overview 2018/19

Safer Internet Day

On 5th February, St Edmund's took part in Safer Internet Day. All of our classes in KS1 and KS2 spent time looking at this year's focus: Permission & Consent.

Children completed activities which involved lots of discussions to make sure we are all safe online users, and are aware of the importance of when it is ok to give and ask for permission.

To see all the activities we got up to, look at our Safer Internet Day 2019 page:

Hour of Code 2018

During the Week Beginning: 3rd December 2018, children at St Edmund's took part in the Universal Hour of Code celebration.

Taking part in this Universal Event was a fantastic way of seeing the many variants of code activities and recognising the importance of coding all over the world!

Every KS1 and KS2 class participated in an hour's session engaging with an exciting coding activity:

KS1 looked at Maze Maker and Grinch Code activities.

Lower KS2 enjoyed a Mine-Craft adventure.

Upper KS2 children had a lot of fun creating their own dance music videos.



Nursery, Reception and KS1 all took part in Safer Internet Day 2019. They had lots of discussions about being safe, did voting together and read a story about Zap and Zoom. 

Lower KS2

Upper KS2

Coding Module

In Year 6, their current module on computing involved looking at object properties. They learned about how computers use property values and parameters to store information about objects. 

They enjoyed learning how to make objects move using their parameters. Particularly when creating a sheep dog game and a football game. 

IT Module

For the second computing topic this year, the focus was on using Information Technology (IT). Year 6 have done a topic comparing Baghdad (their history topic) to Manchester. Year 5 have been researching South America (their geography topic).

The first lessons involved researching: learning how to use google effectively using key words in our searches and copying and pasting information into our research templates. We also discussed copyright and showed the websites we had been using. 

Year 6 then used Excel to create weather comparison graphs for Baghdad and Manchester. 

Once we had all our research (and graphs - Y6) ready, we created PowerPoint presentations ready to present to our class. We experimented with effects such as transitions, fonts, backgrounds and even included links to relevant videos to help make our informative PowerPoints interesting for our audience when we presented them. 

Computing in other subjects:

British Values - Democracy

During their work on British Values, Year 6 worked in groups to create their own Political Party, and present their four campaign promises. 

 They then conducted a democratic vote, to find the most successful party. To create their party presentations, they used the laptops and Microsoft PowerPoint to display their ideas. They enjoyed changing backgrounds, adding special effects and some sound effects!