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Year 1-2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

There are 3 classes in Key Stage One this year. The classes are: 


Team Jade - Miss Berry

Team Emerald - Mrs Eccleshare

Team Lime - Miss Ward  


 All 3 teams are supported wonderfully by Mrs Robino, Mrs Egan and Miss Gray!

Key Stage 1 Reminders 

PE is on a Tuesday (Team Jade) Thursday (Team Emerald and Lime) and Friday (all 3 teams).

Fruit is available free of charge daily. Toast and milk are available for the half term via Parent Pay.

Remember you can change your reading book every day! Show your reading record to your teacher in a morning when you come in. 

Your child will have a 'Reading Reward Card' in their reading record. Please read with your child at home each night. If you sign your child's record (they don't have to change their book) 5 times in one week they will receive one stamp. When they have achieved 4 stamps your child will be given a reward in school. If you are unsure please speak to a member of the team. Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 


Online Home Learning Links 

Click on the images to access the websites. 

We set online maths work for all Year 1 and 2 children on MyMaths. Children have login details in their reading record. 

We set online spellings and maths games for all children on EdShed. Children have login details in their reading record. 

Oxford Owl is a wonderful website with lots of free online books to share at home. 

Reading Eggs is an amazing website/app that you can use from home. You can have great fun playing games and reading.

Children have login details in their reading record. 


Homework Grids

Homework Grids are now up and running on Google Classroom. Access Google Classroom in the usual way, ask if you're unsure, and this half term's homework tasks are ready and waiting. We can't wait to see your submissions. 

Poetry Challenges 

We are launching a new half termly poetry challenge for all children. You can access the poem and submit your performances on Google Classroom. We can't wait to see your performances. 

Google Classroom 

In the event of home learning we will be providing continued learning via Google Classroom. 

We have a new Google Classroom suite that can be found via this link.


Information Briefings 

23.09.2021 Y2 SATs Briefing 

Please click on the presentation below to access the information shared at our annual SATs briefing. If you have any questions please speak to us. Thank you. 

Year 2 SATs 2021

30.09.2021 Reading Workshop 

Please click on the presentation below to access the reading information shared this week. 

Reading Briefing 2021

06.10.2021 Y1 Phonics Screening Workshop 

Please click on the presentation below to access the phonics information shared this week. 


Phonics Screening Briefing 2021


Autumn One 2021


As part of our Lowry art unit we had a visit from Michelle the artist from The Lowry! We learnt so many new skills such as sketching, making buildings look 3D, smudging and using our artist rubbers! 

National Poetry Day

Watch Team Emerald perform our poem all about our team! 


This week we started our Geography unit all about 'Our Country'. We began by talking about the United Kingdom. We have learnt all about the 4 countries that are part of the UK and the seas that surround it. We really enjoyed putting together the pieces of the UK like a jigsaw and exploring the flags for each country. 

Year 2 Maths No Problem!

This week we have explored the place value of 2 digit numbers. We took our learning further by finding different ways to make the same number using our equipment to help us. 

National Poetry Day

Watch Team Jade perform our poem all about our team! 


We have started our LS Lowry unit. To start we have talked about who he is and looked closely at some of his famous artwork. We are excited to find our more this half term. 

Year 1 English

We enjoyed the start of our learning about the 'Everywhere Bear' this week. We followed some clues around school to find a bear in our classroom! We then made predictions about where the bear was from and what he was doing in our classroom. 

National Poetry Day

Watch Team Lime perform our poem all about our team! 


This half term our Science topic is all about materials. We enjoyed exploring our environment at school to see what sorts of materials we could find. Once we had found them we talked about their different names and the Year 2s sorted the materials by their different properties

Year 1 Maths No Problem!

We are enjoying our Maths No Problem sessions. We are focusing on numbers to 10 and working with our new Maths No Problem partner

Summer Two 2021

Sports Day

We had a great time in the sunshine today! Races and multi sports. We loved it. 

Science Day At Home

We didn’t let being at home stop us from having a great Science Day! We all wore green for the day at home and completed our activities. We learnt about the effect that litter has on our environment. We then created posters to spread the message that we shouldn’t litter!


Ambition Day

We had a great day sharing our hopes and dreams for the future by dressing up to show what we want to be when we are older! We all looked fantastic!

#dreams #goals #ambitions

Science - Plants!

We had a great time hunting for plants in our school grounds. We found all kinds of plants...we enjoyed discussing what we found as a team.

Year 2 Maths No Problem!

In Year 2 we have been exploring fractions this week. We have had a great time thinking about the equal parts we need to create and learning new words - numerator and denominator

Sports Day

Relay race fun!! 

Science Day At Home

In the afternoon we focussed our learning on bees! We love bees and it made us sad to think about what would happen if bees disappeared! We learnt about their important job as pollinators and the foods we might lose without them. We designed seed packets for flowers and we designed and created bee homes! We did a fantastic job and we think the bees will love them!

Design Technology

After enjoying tasting many dips last week, this week we have tried some dippers. We tasted carrots, breadsticks, pitta bread, crackers and nachos. We created pictograms to share what we thought! 

British Values - Democracy

We enjoyed starting our British Values Democracy unit! We all have a voice. We talked about a scenario that wasn't fair and how we can all have a voice about solving the problem. 

Peace Day

Today we celebrated a day of Peace in our teams. We had a fantastic day completing some wonderful peaceful activities. We reflected on what peace means to us and how we can help to create a more peaceful world


We thought carefully this week about what a community is! We then created a mind map of those who are in our beloved St Edmund's community. We are one huge family

Design Technology

This half term our topic is 'dips and dippers'. We had lots of fun tasting the different dips and we then rated them out of 5! We enjoyed some and found some others disgusting! 


This half term we are doing gym in our PE. We had a really good time creating patterns by making tucked and straight shapes! 

Summer One 2021

The Ascension and Pentecost

This week in RE we have been learning about Jesus' ascension into heaven and the message he gave to his disciples. We have also been exploring Pentecost and talking about what this means and how the Holy Spirit can help and guide us all. 


Kenya! Today we used google maps to explore Kenya. We started at the UK, travelled to Africa and then zoomed in on Kenya. We loved looking closely and spotting rivers, lakes and other physical features


Today we enjoyed building a map of the UK and working as a team to name the 4 countries, capital cities and surrounding seas. We presented our maps to the class. 


What do we already know?

What do we want to find out? 

These are really important questions at St Edmund's to help us understand what we know, have previously learnt and how we can build on this. Today we talked about these two questions linked to our new Geography unit Africa. We are excited to get started. 


We have had a great time in PE playing 'Treasure Island'. We have been improving our skills to move with control and speed. We added in different rules such as extra points and guards to guard the treasure! 

Design Technology 

Joining part 2 this week. Stitching! We had a great time using a needle and thread to join fabrics. 

Design Technology

Snip, snip :) 

We enjoyed exploring how to make hair using wool. We snipped, twisted, plaited and created threads. Do you like our hair? 


This half term we are learning how to play netball. We started by practising our throwing and catching skills. Watch the video to see us in action!


We are really enjoying our music lessons this half term! We have been exploring the pitch (how high and low the sound is) and using our bodies as body percussion for the beat! 

Y1 English

We have really enjoyed our non-fiction unit on tigers. We are very proud of our hard work and the reports we have written! 

Year 2 Maths No Problem!

This week in Year 2 we have been exploring 3D shapes! We had lots of fun investigating the different shapes and talking about their properties


We had a great time this week creating our own maps of the world. We have learnt a song about the 7 continents of the world and we used this knowledge to help us create our maps. We then added on the 5 oceans too! 

Year 2 Maths No Problem!

In year 2 we have been learning all about money. We have been finding ways to make the same amount with in different ways and solving problems including finding change


This half term we are continuing with our topic 'Animals including Humans'. In Year 1 we have been learning all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores

In Year 2 we have started exploring humans lives and how we change over time. We created a timeline to show how we change and grow from a baby to an adult. 

Spring Two 2021


Year 1 and 2 have been enjoying learning different games in PE to develop our skills. We really enjoyed 'Treasure Island' and 'Rabbits and Foxes'. We practised our skills in moving with control and speed in these activities. Some of us are very speedy!

Year 2 Maths No Problem

Year 2 have been working really hard this half term learning all about length. We have practised our skills measuring in cm and m. We learnt about the equipment we need to do this and even had a go at estimating different lengths! 


Our Art unit this half term is 'Print'. We enjoyed exploring and talking about print today. Inspired by a few artists we started to print ourselves. We used primary colours to press sponges and cardboard to make various prints! We had a great time. 

Another print session this week! Today we focused on stamping, pressing and rolling. We used lego and and created our own stamp from tinfoil. We also mixed secondary colours. It was messy and fun! 

Prayer Stations 

We enjoyed embarking on our Holy Week journey by travelling to different stations which taught us about Jesus' life before he was crucified. We had a wonderful time and reflected on the true meaning of Easter. 


We are enjoying various session and activities that are part of our Lent journey this year. We loved creating and caring for our Easter Gardens. 

Ten Ten - Keeping Safe

Our Ten Ten unit this half term is all about 'keeping safe'. We have talked about how we can be safe in our lives and we also discussed secrets. We talked about how some secrets are good secrets but that some are bad secrets and we need to share these with someone we trust. 


We are taking a look back at Salford through the ages. This week we talked about a significant change in Salford. We enjoyed looking at the creating of Media City on Salford Quays


We have been so very interested in talking about significant people from Greater Manchester. LS Lowry and Emmeline Pankhurst have been our focus. We have been inspired by the both in a very different way and they have created created some discussions in the classroom. 

Y2 English

 Y2 have been busy playing a new party game!

We are going to help Nigel, from our new story, and teach him a new game. 'Cotton Wool Giggles' certainly made us all giggle. Instruction wiring is coming soon...

Year 1 Maths No Problem

Charles told us that "8 and 4 is the same as 4 and 8"...we investigated this! It was great fun working with our partners and using tools to help us understand. We created calculation families!!

Spring One 2021

A very different half term! Most of us have been at home this half term and some of us in school. Although we may have not been together in school we have still worked hard together as a team. Well done everyone! Even a global pandemic hasn't stopped us learning across the whole curriculum.  A half term to remember, thank you everyone. 

Year 1 Science

Year One have enjoyed their Seasonal Change science unit. We have certainly had some interesting weather to observe. One of our favourite sessions was making rain collectors. It will be no surprise to you all that we collected a lot of rain.

Year 2 Science

Year 2 have loved their Habitats unit. We have enjoyed finding out about organisms in different habitats. We loved creating our own micro habitats and placing them in our gardens. 


Online music sessions! We had a great time singing and focusing on recording musical symbols, keeping a steady beat and talking about the pulse


Books, books and more books. We have enjoyed looking at the significance of certain books. We loved talking about the sections of the Bible, the books we might find when attending Mass and even creating our very own posters about religious books. 


Buuzzzzzz we have been busy in English. We enjoyed reading 'The Beeman' and finding out about honey. It was so very interesting and even a little disgusting at times. We created some posters to share how important bees are. 


 Travel and Transport has been our focus this half term and we have found it so very interesting. We loved learning all about viking long boats and we even made our own! Great fun! 

We also loved learning lots about the history of flight and significant people and events which are a part of this. 

Anti-Bullying Week

An important annual event at St Edmund's RC Primary. We focused on acts of kindness this year and we are one kind team. So many of you have been selfless and so very kind.

We also wore our odd socks to represent that we may all be different but we are all equal!


 Physical Education has never been so important. We have worked hard to stay active whilst in our houses. Mr Warburton helped us with lockdown PE ideas. We had great fun and really enjoyed indoor tennis, bowling and sitting volley ball. 

Autumn Two 2020 


This week is the start of Advent. We enjoyed a wonderful Liturgy created by our Gift Team and then created advent lanterns. We have also created advent wreaths and talked about what they mean. 


This week in Year 1 we have been detectives! We found some interesting clues in our classroom which we had to follow around school. We then pieced together some pictures to find a picture of a creature. We are excited to find out what it is and why it has been in our classroom! 


Human and physical feature spotting! We have been talking about the difference between human and physical features. We also enjoyed checking out the school grounds to see what we could find! 


We have been using a compass this week to navigate on a map. We loved following instructions and talking about the compass points. 


Year 2 are excited about their new Talk for writing text! Before we got started we thought about a big question. 

Can owls be afraid of the dark? 

We all had different opinions. What do you think? 

Nativity - Premier

After filming our very different Christmas nativity this year we enjoyed our very own premier. We enjoyed walking the red carpet, eating popcorn and watching ourselves on the 'BIG screen'. 

Design Technology

Today we used our designs to create our buildings. We used all the skills we have learnt over this half term to create them. Then we made mini towns to see them all together! :) 

"Santa I know him!"

Yes Santa and his reindeers visited school today. A great way to start the festive period in school. 


In Year 2 Maths we have been doing lots of 'work out and count' exercises to help us practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have had lots of fun! 

Design Technology

We are continuing to enjoy our 'structures' unit. We have learnt how to use cutting and folding skills to create a door and a window ready to make our final structures soon! 


We have had lots of fun learning new skills in PE. We learnt how to dribble and control the ball in basketball! We had lots of fun and can't wait to learn more skills.

Advent Stations

We enjoyed moving through our advent stations. Each station made us stop and think about Christmas! We loved all the activities at each station and time to reflect at a busy time of year.

Hour of Code 2020

We enjoyed the Hour of Code this week! We had to help the beaver keep his dam safe by creating different codes. We had a lot of fun! 

 Life to the Full

During the story sessions this week we have explored the Gospel story of Jesus welcoming little children to him. We learnt that we are created by God out of love and for love. We had lots of discussions about what this means to us. 


In Year 1 English we have written and performed some nonsense poems. We wrote them in the style of the alien 'Beegu'! We had lots of fun laughing at the nonsense words we thought of! 

Design Technology

We have been enjoying our 'structures' unit in DT.

This week we focused on rolling and joining. We have created a 'mock up' roof and chimney. We are refining our skills ready to make our very own structure. 

Autumn One 2020 

Black History Month

We have been discussing significant black men and women from the past and present day this week. Today we talked about amazing black men and women who are an inspiration in the world of sport. We learnt lots about Simone Biles, Lewis Hamilton, Usain Bolt and lots of other sports stars! Make sure you ask us about what we have learnt! 


We enjoyed our 'enquiry' session today investigating Victorian toys. We loved talking about what we thought they were and what we thought they were made out of. 

Week One

We have had a super first week in Year 1 and 2! It has been so nice to be back together! We have done lots of work about being in our new teams this week. We ended our week on Friday with an outdoor celebration assembly!


Maths is 'No Problem'

Both Year 1 and 2 have enjoyed starting our new 'Maths No Problem' chapters this week. We all enjoyed getting 'hands on' and exploring strategies and ideas. 

Physical Education

 Team work this week in PE! We worked in teams to master our under arm throwing and then used this skill in a game of handball. We had a great time! :) 

European Day of Languages

On Monday 28th September we enjoyed celebrating languages spoken in our class, learning new greetings and talking in French. We had a great time. 


Zoom in and zoom out! We had a great time today talking about an imagine which was zoomed in. We wasn't sure what it was at first and then we realised it was a wooly hat! We had lots of questions about what we saw and made some amazing predictions. 

Autumn One Class Celebration 

This half term we have been so very busy across the curriculum! Take a look below at the 'Autumn One' section. We have absolutely loved being back in school. The children have been amazing!! 

We can't invite you in for our usual curriculum celebration so here is a little video about our History unit - Toys! 

We LOVE the library!

We enjoyed visiting the library this week for the first time in a while. We enjoyed selecting and reading books in our 'bubble' area. It is our favourite place to be in school.

Green Fingers!

This week Mrs Walker and some children visited our school allotment. They tidied up, did some litter picking and collected lots of delicious, juicy raspberries! Mrs Walker then used the raspberries to make some jam! :) 

We continued our learning about other languages by listening to one of our favourite stories 'The Gruffalo' in French. We learnt the names of the characters in French too. 


Does it bend? Can we twist it? We had great fun this afternoon experimenting with materials and investigating how and if we can manipulate them.