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Year 1-2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

There are 3 classes in Key Stage One this year. The classes are: 

Team Jade - Miss Berry

Team Emerald - Mrs Eccleshare

Team Lime - Miss Ward 

Key Stage 1 Reminders : PE is on a Thursday and Friday. Fruit is available free of charge daily. Toast is available for 75p a week (15p per day) - please give this money to your class teacher. Remember you can change your reading book every day! Show your reading record to your teacher in a morning when you come in. 

Year 2 SATs Briefing 

Thank you to those who managed to join us for the Year 2 SATs briefing. If you couldn't make it please look at the information that we shared below. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the KS1 team. 

Year 2 SATs

Maths No Problem!

If you want to find out more about our new maths programme visit the maths page (curriculum - maths)! Mrs Dumbleton has shared lots of information on here. Please speak to us if you have any questions.                                                


Hello Yellow

On Friday we wore yellow to raise awareness for mental health. We talked about how to keep our minds healthy and we did some yoga in class. 

Maths No Problem

This year we have started an exciting new Maths programme in school. We have all really enjoyed learning in a different way and using lots of resources every day to help us. We have been focusing lots on number, place value and number bonds


In Art we are learning about the artist L S Lowry. We have explored some of his work and tried to paint in the style of Lowry by mixing colours to make new colours. We have also explored what perspective means and painted some backgrounds to build upon like Lowry did. 


We have been adding to our amazing art work inspired by L S Lowry. We have looked closely at this work and focused on the buildings and matchstick figures. We have added Lowry style buildings and figures to our backgrounds. Take a look! 



We completed an investigation to see which material would make the best coat for Mr Gritto in the bad weather. We tested different materials in the rain to see which was the most waterproof

Our Cultural Heritage 

This week we have talked about our cultural heritage. Many children brought fabulous items & photographs in from home to share. Thank you so very much, we had a great time talking about everything in our teams. 


We have been enjoying our geography topic 'Our Country'. We have been learning lots about the 4 countries and the surrounding seas of the UK. Year 1 & 2 have been locating the countries and  capital cities. We have also enjoyed using aerial photographs to take a look at different places across the UK. We haven't finished yet but we are enjoying the topic so far! 



English - Year 1

In English we have been exploring the text 'Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?'. We have made lots of predictions about why he can't sleep and then thought of ways to help Little Bear sleep. We have acted out getting ready for bed so that we can write some instructions to help Little Bear. 


This half term in Science we are learning all about 'Materials'. So far we have explored the different objects in our classroom and what they are made of. Then we went on a materials hunt and sorted the materials by their properties such as the type of material, how hard or soft it was and how rough or smooth it was. 

English - Year 2 


In English Y2 have been exploring the text Emily Brown and the Thing! We have really enjoyed reading the story and writing letters to the THING! 


We have been learning lots about the Holy Rosary during the month of October. Each team have made a large set of Rosary beads in each. Take a look!