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St Edmund's RC Primary School

Year 1 and 2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

There are 3 classes in Key Stage One this year. The classes are: 


Team Jade - Miss Berry

Team Emerald - Mrs Brookes

Mrs Eccleshare (currently on maternity leave) 

Team Lime - Miss Howard 


 All 3 teams are supported wonderfully by Mrs Robino, Mrs Egan and Miss Gray!

Key Stage One Reminders

PE is on a Tuesday (Team Jade) Thursday (Team Emerald and Lime) and Friday (all 3 teams).

Fruit is available free of charge daily. Toast and milk are available for the half term via Parent Pay.

Remember you can change your reading book every day! Show your reading record to your teacher in a morning when you come in. 

Your child will have a 'Reading Reward Card' in their reading record. Please read with your child at home each night. If you sign your child's record (they don't have to change their book) 5 times in one week they will receive one stamp. When they have achieved 4 stamps your child will be given a reward in school. If you are unsure please speak to a member of the team. Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 


Online Home Learning Links

Click on the images to access the websites. 

Maths Seed is a fantastic website/app for you to use at home. Children have login details in their reading record. 


We set online spellings and maths games for all children on EdShed. Children have login details in their reading record. 

Oxford Owl is a wonderful website with lots of free online books to share at home. 

Reading Eggs is an amazing website/app that you can use from home. You can have great fun playing games and reading.

Children have login details in their reading record. 


Homework Grids

Homework Grids are now up and running on Google Classroom. Access Google Classroom in the usual way, ask if you're unsure, and this half term's homework tasks are ready and waiting. We can't wait to see your submissions. 

Google Classroom

In the event of home learning we will be providing continued learning via Google Classroom. 

We have a new Google Classroom suite that can be found via this link.


Information Briefings

Y2 SATs Briefing 


Please click on the presentation below to access the information shared at our annual SATs briefing. If you have any questions please speak to us. Thank you. 


Y2 SATs 2022


 Reading Workshop 

Please click on the presentation below to access the reading information shared this week. 

Reading Workshop 2022 

Poetry Challenges

We are launching a new half termly poetry challenge for all children. You can access the poem and submit your performances on Google Classroom. We can't wait to see your performances! 

Summer One 2023

African Drumming

We took part in an African drumming workshop! We had an amazing time.

 Jambo jambo bwana


Jumping tag with a partner.

We tagged our partner then created a shape together.



We loved ‘tinkering’ today to explore Scratch Jr. We explored giving instructions to made a code.

We explored the ‘loop’ button and repeating the instructions over and over.

This week we used the skills we have learnt so far. We created two characters, changed the background, created a code and recorded a joke using the microphone. We had lots of fun!

Here is one of our jokes!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other slide!


Mapping from memory.

We created a map of Kenya from memory .It  was harder than we thought but we could remember lots. We even added some key geographical features like rivers and mountains.

Spring Two 2023

World Book Day

We loved making our spoon characters! First we designed our spoon characters. Then we chose different materials to create them. They looked amazing!


Our Science topic this term is 'Plants'.

We have been exploring and observing different types of plants. We identified evergreen and deciduous trees.


In science we have been junk modelling creating plants. Then Year One labelled the parts of a plant and Year Two wrote about the function of each part. We had so much fun!


Giving our time to create cards for residents from our local care homes.

We hope they make people smile.

Design and Technology

We are designing and making hand puppets for our D.T. unit.

First we thought carefully about the shape of our puppet and the details/decorations we’d like to add. Most of us are going to staple it to join the fabrics

We then used our design sheets to cut out a template. We are ready to join our fabric together and decorate our puppets next week.

We loved bringing our designs to life with our decoration skills. We used a mix of stapling and gluing skills to join our decorations to our puppets. They all look fantastic!

Religious Education

We worked together to create an Easter garden. We talked about how difficult it was for Jesus to carry his cross through the town and that he could have given up but he didn’t. 


We love our music lessons in KS1!

We took turns leading the class using different movements to follow the beat. Just look at our moves!


Look at our great team work creating a map of the world!

We had to decide where each continent should go along with the equator.

We loved singing our favourite continents song whilst identifying each continent on our paper plate world maps.

Here is a link to our song!

We reviewed our continents knowledge whilst using an atlas. We also talked about the 5 oceans and identified where they are on the atlas and globe.


Stations of the Cross

KS1 followed the Stations of the Cross and were very thoughtful and respectful. We talked about how they made us feel.

Spring One 2023 

Year 1 English

This week in English we have had some strange things happening in our classroom. On Tuesday we had to be detectives and follow some clues around school and it helped us to piece together a picture of a creature we haven't seen before. We made lots of predictions about it. 


This week we have started a new unit in History. We completed our pre-learning task by looking at a picture of a man and seeing if we could share anything we knew about him. We are all excited to learn more about Neil Armstrong

Year 2 English

This week we watched 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' by the Globe Theatre and explored the relationships between each character. We are really looking forward to our drama workshops and exploring more of Shakespeare's work. 


In our Religion lessons this half term we are exploring the different types of books that we could use. We have looked at different books such as Mass Books and Bibles. We have talked about the Old Testament and the New Testament

Year 1 Science

This week we have been learning all about winter. We talked about what we might see in winter as the seasons change. Then we had a go at making our own snow... it was so much fun! We talked about how it is formed and what we need to wear. 

Autumn Two 2022 


We are now in the season of Advent where we prepare for Christmas. We have talked about what Advent is and when it starts. We explored an advent wreath and the meaning of each candle. 

Year 2 Maths No Problem

In Year 2 we have started learning all about multiplication. We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! We started by using repeated addition and we are now learning about commutative law! Ask one of us what this means. 

Year 1 Maths No Problem

In Year 1 we have started learning all about subtraction. We have been subtracting within 10. We have been exploring and mastering crossing out to subtract. Ask us to show you our super subtracting skills! 


Our History topic this half term is all about toys. We are going to be learning about toys from the past and present. As part of our pre-learning activity we did some enquiry based learning to see what we already know about toys. 

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we are marking Anti-Bullying week in school. This year the theme is 'Reach Out'. We have discussed how we can reach out to others to ask for help ourselves or to look after our friends. We created helpful hands to show who we can reach out too. We started the week by wearing our odd socks

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we are learning all about structures. We started by looking at different chairs for Baby Bear and created the shapes ourselves to see how strong and stable they were. We thought about what would make a good chair. 

Remembrance Day

We discussed what Remembrance Day is and who we are remembering each year. We reflected on what this means and how it has changed our lives. We designed medals and did some mindfulness colouring during our reflection time. 

Autumn One 2022


During our Music sessions we have been learning all about the beat. We have practised keeping a steady beat to different types of music using body percussion and instruments. We have also explored the pitch of some music by talking about high and low sounds. 


During our Bible story sessions we have been exploring the story of Moses. We have listened to the story, done role play activities and sequenced the story. This week we have learnt a song all about Moses. 


In art we have created our own felt! We split the wool fibres, added layers using coloured wool to create our design. We added water, soap flakes and gave it a good rub. Then we rolled them in lots of different directions. 


This half term we are learning all about materials. We started our learning by exploring inside and outside our classrooms to see which materials we could find. We were able to name lots of different ones and talk about some of their properties


During our Religion lessons this week we have been learning about the Rosary. We worked together in our teams to create a large set of Rosary beads for our classrooms. We talked about how we can use them to pray


As part of our local area learning we have been exploring maps. We have explored what a compass is for and how to use one! We had a great time on the playground finding North, East, South and West to follow directions. 

Year 2 Maths No Problem

We have made a fantastic start to our Year 2 Maths lessons! We have started to explore the place value of numbers to 100. We have been looking at the value of tens and ones. We have found different ways to create each number using our number bonds to help us! 

Year 1 Maths No Problem

The children in Year 1 have been working so hard in their Maths lessons this half term. This week we have been learning about number bonds. We have been using double sided counters to help us to explore the number bonds


We developed our map drawings into stained-glass style pieces by choosing a section with interesting shapes and colours. Then we created abstract work by cutting and arranging shapes.

Year 1 English

During our English sessions we have been enjoying the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' We worked together to think about how Little Bear could get ready for bed. We role played this in our groups so that we can start to write some instructions for him!