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Design Technology

Subject Intent

At St Edmund’s our Design Technology Curriculum endeavours to develop pupils’ creative, technical and practical skills for completing their everyday tasks confidently and successfully. At St Edmund’s, we recognise the importance of developing children’s communication, which is at the heart of Design Technology when working together, using our ever- developing vocabulary and spoken skills. In Design Technology we provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their skills in designing and making their own prototypes and products. Pupils learn to work together in critiquing, evaluating, testing and comparing their project designs and further develop their communication so that they are able to articulate their views and ideas. This supports every child to become an independent thinker, and to face challenges with perseverance and resilience.
Design technology experiences are used to equip pupils, and support our community, with the skills to operate successfully in the wider world.

KS1 and KS2 complete two/three Design Technology Modules per year. 

If you would like to know more about the design technology curriculum at St Edmund's, please arrange an appointment with your child's teacher, or alternatively follow links on this page to the statutory information.


 Food Technology:
Superworm Sundaes

Reception have been reading the story of 'Superworm'. On World Book Day they made 'Superworm Sundaes'. The children had to follow instructions, using chocolate mousse for the underground and crumbled biscuits for the soil. Then added the worms! Yummy!

Construction Creations!

Lots of nursery children enjoy building and making their own towers and creations during continuous provision. 


Building Structures 

KS1 focused on rolling and joining. They created a 'mock up' roof and chimney. 

Then they learned how to use cutting and folding skills to create a door and a window ready to make their final structures.  

Finally, KS1 used their designs and all the skills they have learned over this half term to create their buildings. Then they made mini towns to see them all together! :) 

Lower KS2

Buildings and Structures: Anglo Saxon Houses 

Year 3/4 have worked hard to practise skills before creating their own Anglo Saxon Houses. They made tall structures, connected materials, and worked together in groups for their final products.

Well done, they look fantastic!

Upper KS2

Mechanical Systems: Automata Animals

In this unit, Year 5/6 will be creating a collection of appealing moving mechanical animal models that will captivate people’s interest in the WWF charity.

They researched different animals' appearances and movements and learned about cams, followers, testing different mechanism types.

Here is a video of their fantastic moving models they made in groups! They spent time checking that the mechanisms would work to make their characters move. 

DT Past Projects

Here are some videos of our fantastic past projects!

Year 5/6 Electrical Systems: Programming Micro:bit Inchworms
Year 1/2 Mechanisms: Moving Picture Books