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Design Technology

Subject Intent

At St Edmund’s our Design Technology Curriculum endeavours to develop pupils’ creative, technical and practical skills for completing their everyday tasks confidently and successfully. At St Edmund’s, we recognise the importance of developing children’s communication, which is at the heart of Design Technology when working together, using our ever- developing vocabulary and spoken skills. In Design Technology we provide opportunities for the pupils to develop their skills in designing and making their own prototypes and products. Pupils learn to work together in critiquing, evaluating, testing and comparing their project designs and further develop their communication so that they are able to articulate their views and ideas. This supports every child to become an independent thinker, and to face challenges with perseverance and resilience.
Design technology experiences are used to equip pupils, and support our community, with the skills to operate successfully in the wider world.

If you would like to know more about the design technology curriculum at St Edmund's, please arrange an appointment with your child's teacher, or alternatively follow links on this page to the statutory information.


Pancake Day

The Nursery children loved watching Mrs H flipping the pancakes. The children enjoyed tasting the most.

Chinese New Year 

Reception celebrated Chinese New Year, 'The Year of the Pig!' The children were able to talk about the similarities between how they prepare for their celebration with how we prepare for Christmas. All the children enjoyed a range of activities relating to Chinese New Year and all had the opportunity to taste a variety of Chinese food.  Some children liked the food and some did not. 


Structures: Freestanding Structures

 Year 1/2 created their very own 'Mini Little Hulton'. They practised their cutting and fixing skills, then they focused on their shaping and joining skills to create the roof and chimneys for their building. 

For their Parent Celebration, parents were invited to walk through Y1/2's very own 'Mini Little Hulton'. 

Textiles: Fabric Faces

In Year 1/2 we have been designing their own faces. We carefully constructed a template using paper and used this to draw and cut around to make the shape of our faces.

Lower KS2

Food Technology: Edible Garden

Year 3/4 looked at herbs and fruits which can be grown in our gardens and used these to produce a range of healthy, nutritious snacks. They also studied the vitamins which could be found in the foods and discussed how these are used by our bodies.

The children learnt a range of skills including: chopping, grating, measuring, stirring, blending and even using the induction hobs.

Upper KS2

Electrical Systems: Programming Micro:bits

Year 5/6 are getting to grips with applying their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control products. To get started, we investigated Micro:bits - simple computers that can be programmed to control products. 

Children can practise programming Micro:bits at home without having to buy anything at all!


Food Technology: Food from around the World

In Year 6, their Food DT topic required taste-testing foods that are used alot in Baghdad. Lots of us tried new foods such as cous-cous, chickpeas, dates. 

Design Technology around school:

Year 6: Baking bread for our Swieconka Basket. 

During Holy Week, Year 6 learned about the Polish tradition of Swieconka (blessing of the baskets) where Polish people get together a basket of foods such as sausage, bacon, ham, butter in the shape of a lamb, sourdough bread, decorated eggs. Each item has a religious symbolism to the Passion of Easter.

Year 6 baked the Sourdough bread themselves, ready to present this in our Easter Reflection.

We also loved tasting it!