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At St Edmund’s Primary School, art should stimulate creativity, imagination and inventiveness. Art at our school provides our all children with the skills, vocabulary, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences. We aim for our sessions to include a wide range of opportunities which will ignite imagination whilst also focusing on themselves and the environment around us. At St Edmund’s we believe that our community of children should be able to access art as more than just a subject, giving them an opportunity to use their whole personality to express themselves.


In Reception we have been experimenting with mixing different coloured paint together to find out what colours they make. We used straws to blow through and mix the colours together. We also tried tipping our paper to mix the colours and we had lots of fun.

Art Club

Walking With the Snowman’- Snowman Sculpture
The pupils from years 5 and 6 in our Art Club took part in the ‘Walking with the Snowman’ Festive Art Trail at Media City UK based on Raymond Briggs ‘The Snowman’. They decorated a snowman sculpture to be displayed with other  sculptures from different schools in Salford. First they researched 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' looking at different designs for each part of the song. They then discussed their ideas for their Snowman sculpture and sketched their own designs. The pupils wanted their design to illustrate a drummer from the song and bring all their ideas together to create a collaborative piece of work. Finally they painted their snowman sculpture using their designs.They were very proud to have it displayed at The Lowry.

Key Stage One

In Key Stage One we have been learning lots of new skills in Art. We have explored lines, texture and tones and how this can change our Art work. We have learnt how to do rubbings and printing to create different effects in our work. We then used these skills to create a final piece of Art work.

Key Stage Two

Year 6 have been looking at Andy Warhol’s style and technique. They started by learning about his Blotted Line technique. They sketched a design of a chosen object, traced this onto tracing paper and then using an ink pen, carefully went over little sections before blotting it onto the next square.
This transfer of design is building up Year 6 understanding of how Warhol created his artwork and recreated all of his duplicate images. This topic includes practising our drawing and sketching skills to create designs and we will be experimenting with digital media to enhance our final design.

Year 6 looked at digital art using ipads to create their finished photos in the style of Andy Warhol.
Using the app 'keynote' the children took a photo of themselves and a partner, traced around it and then used the 'fill' tool to colour in their digital self-portrait. Using their sketchbook colour squares, they chose 4 colours to complete their portrait.