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Hello and welcome to the Nursery website page.

This is where you can take a look at all your children's learning and first steps on their educational journey.

Throughout the year this page will be updated with parent information, learning experiences, photos, events, Christmas performances and much, much more.

Nursery Team Red

Mrs Hartley - Class Teacher

Mrs Harvey - TA Key Worker

Miss Matthews - TA Key Worker

Mrs Egan - TA Key Worker (Friday)

Miss Dalton - PPA Teacher (Thursday AM)

Nursery Reminders......Please ensure that your child has a full change of clothes in a labelled draw string bag. Thank you! 


As you know Tapestry is a wonderful app used by the Early Years Team. We use it to document children's learning journeys in school. We love it when you view our in school learning and add your comments! 
Remember you can use Tapestry at home to share any learning or experiences from home. We always love to hear for you.  Click on the image below to access a guide
to explain 'The why and how of adding observations; for families using Tapestry at home.'
If we are forced to conduct home learning due to COVID 19 we will be using Tapestry to share home learning activities. You will be able to access these using 'memos'. You cannot view 'memos' on the app, you need to access Tapestry via your internet browsers to see the memos sent by teachers. 

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Nursery Reading Workshop. For the parents who were unable to attend please click on the link above to see the power point presentation.

Autumn One Term 2021

Exploring Our New Nursery

And so a new year begins.......Welcome to all our new Nursery children, we are looking forward to a fun packed year.


Sports Day

A little different to our normal Sports Day but we still had a great day!!

The children raced as fast as their little legs would let them in the running race. Balanced an egg on a spoon with great concentration in the egg and spoon race. Finally finished by throwing bean bags into a hope!!  


Well done to you all everyone of you are winners!!

Ambition Day

Well what a day this was....Ambition Day!! We had a great day, from dressing up to talking about what we would like to be when we all grow up. From Rock Stars to Vets and Firefighters to Builders the children all know exactly what they want to be when they grow up.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our parents, as the day would not of been possible without you.

We're going on a bear hunt

During Summer One the Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the book......We're going on a bear hunt. We acted out the story and had a sensory walk following the same journey.......we splashed and sploshed, squelched and squerched, stumbled and tripped and ran from the bear!!!

What great fun !!!


Easter Fun

The Nursery have had a great half term filled with fun activities all linked to Easter. We have made Easter cards, Easter Baskets and the the best activity of all making Easter chocolate Nests yum yum!!  



Pancake Day

What a lovely week we spent talking all about Pancakes and the meaning behind this special Day. From making to tasting and racing to tossing we loved it. 






The Nursery Topic this half term has revolved around Winter. We have talked about how the weather changes and the different clothes you need to wear. We also carried out some experiments with water. We place placed different containers filled with water in the fridge and freezer to see what happened?? We had such a great time breaking the ICE.


Chinese New Year

This half term the Nursery children have learnt all about Chinese New Year. We have watched videos, listened to music and had a go at making our very own Dragon masks and Lanterns.




Father Christmas Visit

What a great surprise we've had.....a visit from the man himself Father Christmas!!!



Lets get creative

The Nursery have had great fun collecting sticks and making their very own 'Stick Man' from the story Stick Man.



Nursery Fun

The Nursery children enjoying the first few days of school.

First Day Fun

First Day at Nursery pictures

Our three Key Groups in Nursery 


Summer Two Term

Graduation 2020/21

And there it is another year over. Well done to all our children, its been another rocky year but we got there in the end. You are all amazing and we wish you all the luck in reception. We cannot wait to see you all in September for a big hug that missed out on at the end of the year! To our children who are leaving St Edmunds you will be truly missed.

Enjoy the summer break and remember never give up you can be whatever you want to be.

Love from Mrs Hartley, Mrs Harvey and Miss Matthews.


Look at what the Nursery have been up to!! Mrs Hartley bought the Nursery some tiny little eggs, Can you guess what happened next? Yes you're right Caterpillars popped out. The caterpillars then started to eat and eat and eat.....Next we watched them make a cocoon it seemed to take forever but then it happened....out came the Butterflies. The children watched them grow, develop and completely change. Thank you Mrs Hartley  

Summer One Term


This half term in Nursery we have explored 'Growing'. We planted a variety of seeds from beans, sunflowers and cress. We watched the seeds germinate and enjoyed tasting the cress with cheese and crackers.

Spring Two Term

Holy Week

In Nursery this week we have been learning about Holy Week. This is a very special time where we learn about the journey Jesus takes before ascending to Heaven. 

World Book Day 2021

Look at the fun we had on World Book Day. The Nursery children looked at the book 'Supertato', what a great book!!! Next we all made our very own Supertato characters. We finished the day listening to stories under blankets and drinking Hot Chocolate.......delicious. A big Thank you to Mr Holcroft and Miss Berry who read  'Cake' and 'There's a monster in my book'.

Spring One Term

Anti Bullying Week

This week the Nursery children have talked about 'Being Kind' linked to Anti Bullying Week. The Nursery children all joined in with 'Odd socks Day' to show its ok to be different. Lots of children also joined in with showing 'Acts of kindness', by making pictures for their friends and teachers. Some children delivered sweets to their friends as a tasty treat to cheer them up. 

Number, Shape and Pattern

We have been very busy bees this half term. We have looked at pattern, positional language and numerals 1, 2 and 3. 


Autumn Two Term

Party Day

Well what an amazing time the Nursery had on Party Day. From dancing and playing party games to enjoying some tasty treats.

Autumn Maths Activity

All the children have been working very hard with number recognition. They have also looked at matching the correct numeral to the correct quantity. 


Autumn One Term

Celebration of work

We cannot hold our usual Nursery Parents Celebration in school at the moment so we have uploaded an iMovie to give you a small insight into what we have been learning this half term.

Carpet Time

A little look at what happens in Nursery, from stories to snack time and singing Nursery Rhymes.


Beach Day

Well what a day this was.....We had such a good time and one that we will never forget. We laughed, screamed and got very, very wet. Mrs Harvey had to go home in a pair of children's PE shorts, Miss Matthews squelched all day and Mrs Hartley had to change completely!! 

Thank you for making this day so special children


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This half term we have looked at the book..... The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have talked about the Life Cycle of a butterfly and enjoyed lots of activities linked to this. From painting Butterflies and making a symmetrical pattern to drawing our very own Life Cycles.

We also tasted all the fruit the caterpillar ate and had a cheeky Ice cream too!!

Thank You Mrs Hartley


Well what a week we had......Mrs Hartley brought in her pet Tortoise 'Turbo' into Nursery. The children held him and looked after him all week. The children all enjoyed talking about their pets and how they care and look after them.




What a treat the Nursery have had over this half term. We have a special delivery.....8 eggs. We watched them for a day and on day 2 they all started to crack. It was amazing to see the chicks hatch. We had 7 chicks!!  




This half term our learning in Phonics is  letter sounds.

The children look at a different letter sound each week which is linked to RWI (Read Write Inc) 




All about Bears

We started this half term off with the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We tasted porridge just like Goldilocks, it was delicious. The children went on to learn about real bears and the type of places they like to live and the food they like to eat.

We had a great time making Bear caves using wooden bricks and duplo. Mrs Backhouse made some great caves outside too using the den making materials and frame.



Bear Toast

Today the Nursery made Bear Toast. We all had to butter the toast, next we had to add the chocolate spread. We finished this off with bananas and blueberries to make the face. It was absolutely delicious. 


Christmas Jumper day

Christmas jumper day!! What a busy day, from making crowns to running the Santa Mile we certainly had a great time.



During this half term the children learn about Advent. This is the time leading up to Christmas and we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.




The Nursery children have created The Rosery to celebrate the month of October which is dedicated to The Rosary.