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Hello and welcome to the Nursery website page. This is where you can take a look at all your children's learning and first steps on their Educational journey. Throughout the year this page will be updated with pictures, dates for WOW celebrations, Christmas performances and much, much more.

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Mrs Hartley

  Learning Lions  

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                  Mrs Harvey                                                                                                                                                        Miss Matthews

                Talking Tigers                                                                                                                                                        Brainy Bears


Miss Gray 

(Higher level teaching assistant)


Teaching Assistant

Mrs Avery

Mrs Booth





Hello everybody we are St Edmunds Nursery Mascots and very soon we could be visiting your house........we're getting very excited but we are a little nervous as well. Starting Nursery can be a little scary as it might be the first time you're not with Mummy and Daddy or Grandma and Grandpa so we're here to help. Every week Lenny, Tilly and Barney get to visit a new house and see life in your house........we love cuddles, having pictures taken and exploring different places. Lenny, Tilly and Barney come and stay with you for the weekend (Friday afternoon to Monday Morning) and get to go everywhere you do. The best part is coming back into Nursery and showing all your new friends just what we have got up to over the weekend.

European Day of Languages

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We have learnt how to say hello in French.

Up and coming dates......

Christmas Nativity-Tuesday 11th December 2018 @TBC

Christmas Markets-Thursday 13th December 2018 @ 3.00pm


The first few weeks of Nursery life................and what great fun we have had.

Image result for peace day 2018PEACE DAYImage result for peace day 2018

The Nursery children loved painting the canvas linked to Peace Day. The children also had their hands painted to make Dove's.