St Edmund's RC Primary School

Queen Street, Little Hulton, Salford M38 0WH



0161 921 1940

Parent Support Information


Salford Community Sport are offering a NEW Walkden youth project

This exciting new venture is FREE to attend and is for children aged 10+

Please call Amy Hallsworth on 0161 778 0569 for more information

Are you worried about something but not sure who to talk to?

I am here to help!

My name is Kellie Yardley and I am the school's children and family worker.

I am always available for a chat and can hopefully help you sort out anything you may be worried about.

I can give you information and advice on,

  • Debt & Housing Issues
  • Common Parenting Problems E.G. Tantrums, Sleep, Toileting
  • Course’s in the area
  • Support to get back into work

Or anything else which may be worrying you and don’t know where to turn

Please call into school to see me or phone me on 0161 921 1940

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of children.


There is lots of information for parents about keeping your children safe online.

Online safety and keeping children safe is a high priority in school.

We need parents to keep there children safe at home online too

please check your children's settings online

Attached is the guide for Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Apple and Nintendo 3DS.





why not go along to one of the FREE sessions in Little Hulton & Walkden


Get Fit Get Social

session's include:

Bike rides

Stop smoking support

NHS health checks

Gym sessions

Raising self esteem

and many many more



We do lots of work at St Edmunds around  bullying and online safety and what this looks like to a child.

Here is some support around bullying behaviour for parents to read through to ensure your children are safe online.

Please speak to your children around friendships and falling out and how this is different to bullying.

If your child/children feel they are being bullied online please use this document for support and let the school know as soon as possible. 

We can support your children in school with such issues but we are unable to deal with these issues out of school.

Please speak with and support your children if this is happening out side of the school 

Mustard Tree

Mustard Tree supports families in the community with:

  • food and clothing
  • Furniture
  • volunteering opportunities 
  • courses 
  • Citizens advice support

Contact them on 0161 288 7331

or call into    

 Mustard Tree 50 Hulton District centre 

Sure Start Children's Centre

We work very closely with the Children's Centre in Little Hulton.

There are lots of activities for you attend with your little ones during the Summer holidays

some of these include,

Swimming, stay and plays and lots of outdoor activities to keep you all entertained

Children's centre is open:

Monday - Thursday 9.00am - 4.30pm

and Fridays 9.00am - 1.00pm

During the school holidays children from birth to 8 years are welcome to attend the sessions


At St Edmunds we really value the importance of teaching our children how to be safe both online and in the ‘real world’.

We also appreciate the opportunity to share ideas and talk to parents about this.

Did you know about ‘Youtube Kids’ 

This is specifically for children and they can only access appropriate videos on it. A couple of parents said they used this and it worked well. It can be found via google.

Parental controls and filters

These are vital in order to safeguard your children. The NSPCC works in collaboration with O2 to help parents set these up. You can phone them for advice on 0808 800 5002 and they will talk you through how to ensure all your parental settings and controls are in place. Some parents have used this and found it to be very useful.

This is a new support group in Little Hulton, supporting children and their families with Autism/ Asperger's 

The group will offer a range of support and give everyone the opportunity to learn about Autism and Asperger's 

Help to find strategies and resources for a child or adult on the ASD spectrum.