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Year 5/6

There are 3 classes in Upper Key Stage Two. The classes are: 

Team Amethyst - Mr Holcroft

Team Violet - Miss Rogers

Team Magenta - Mr Warburton

We are also assisted by the wonderful Mrs Butler, the amazing Mrs Fisher and the stupendous Miss Williams.


Upper Key Stage 2 Reminders


PE is each Wednesday and Thursday

Toast is available for the half-term via Parent Pay.

Your child will have a 'Reading Reward Card' in their reading record. Please ensure that your child reads each day - continuing to read with them is wonderful! If your child reads on at least five days in one week they will receive one stamp. When they have achieved 4 stamps your child will be given a reward in school. If you are unsure about anything, please speak to a member of the team. Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 

We use lots of online resources to practise core skills: Reading Eggs to improve our comprehension; Spelling Shed to practise our weekly spellings (tests each Monday); MyMaths to consolidate maths topics, and TTRockstars to increase our fluency with times tables. You can access each from here by clicking their icons.



Children's University

Children’s University is back for 2020-21!

Although you may not be able to attend clubs after school, you can still earn credit by completing activities. Follow the link to find the activities to do! Please visit:

At the bottom of each activity, there is a code – this is a colour followed by 5 numbers e.g. purple 2345.

More information can be found in the attached letter: Children's University

Once you have completed an activity, all you need to do is email the code and your name to our special new email address:

Have fun collecting as many points as you can.

Summer 1

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Lledr Hall survey - we can't believe how enthusiastic the response has been! We would usually meet at this point in the year to discuss all things Lledr, but since we can't all meet face-to-face at the moment, here is all of the information we would usually discuss. Click here, or on the image, to access the presentation. If you still have questions after reading through the presentation, have a look through the Lledr Hall website, browse through previous years' trips on our school website or phone after school and ask to speak to Mr Holcroft.

Lledr Hall, school activity weeks and outdoor education in Snowdonia, North  Wales

Spelling Bee!

At the end of this half-term, children in Years 5 and 6 will be invited to take part in a spelling competition: a Spelling Bee! Words used in the competition will be themed around the topics we are studying in school. All of these words can be practised across the half-term: they are on your child’s Spelling Shed account. 

The purpose of this event is to increase children’s awareness of key spellings and to create a bit of a buzz around new vocabulary. If children practise lots, then they will have the confidence to use more ambitious words in their writing. Participation in the Spelling Bee is completely voluntary but we would encourage all children to practise the new lists online – they will find the words very useful in class.

Spinning Stars

In Music, we listened to Music of the starry night and identified the ostinato pattern. We loved working out how to play the Spinning stars ostinato on xylophones.

Reading Rewards

We have loved being able to enjoy our Reading Rewards in the lovely sunshine. When we read at least five days in a week, we get a stamp on our Reward Card. Once we've filled a row with stamps, we can access fun rewards. This half-term it's ice pops and kubb!


Year 6 have been looking at Volume in maths. To finish off our topic, we created our very own 1 cubic metre cubes out of straws so we could estimate the volume of our classrooms!

Earth and Space

In Science, we have been learning about the rotations and orbits of The Moon, The Sun and The Earth. We also found out lots of facts about the sizes of different celestial bodies: 1,300,000 Earths can fit into our Sun!


French this half-term is all about words and phrases we would need in the classroom! It has been lots of fun challenging ourselves to see how much new vocabulary we can retain ready to use in our speaking and writing.

Spring 2

Stations of the Cross

Year 5/6 took part in Stations of the Cross, following in the steps of Jesus on the way to the Cross.

We were very reflective of everything that Jesus did for us. 





Animals including Humans

In our Science topic, Animals including Humans, we have learned about the different stages during human and animal life cycles. We studied the foetal development stages, investigated data on the gestation period of animals, and sorted true or false facts on old age before creating informative posters. 



Year 5 have been hard at work investigating the value of tenths, hundredths and thousandths. We have made an absolutely brilliant start with reading decimals in a way that helps us to add and subtract mentally - let's keep it up!


Our Ten Ten unit this half term is all about consent and bodily autonomy. We discussed how we always have a choice about whether we play with others and that we can choose not to at any time. Children should be proud to say that God gave us our bodies as gifts, and He wants us to use them to honour him. So asking consent and respecting each other's bodily autonomy is actually part of loving God.

Holy Week Tasks

Lots of our tasks for our written pieces focused on the perspective of Judas. We spent time exploring different reasons he may have decided to betray Jesus, including hot seating him, and thinking about how he might have felt and reflected afterwards. This helped us when writing diary entries as Judas (Year 5) and letters to Jesus (Year 6). 

The United Kingdom

Our geography topic has been all about the United Kingdom this half term, from identifying the countries within the UK, locating cities and then creating our own topographical map of Great Britain out of clay, using paint to represent the land height, including the  mountain ranges


The Watertower

We have been asked to investigate a very mysterious incident at a water tower in the town of Preston, Australia. We have been retrieving, deducing and inferring information from the scene in an attempt to better understand what has happened.

Physical Education

We love being able to exercise with our classmates again! We have been learning lots of ways that we can be active through playing games...quite a few of us have carried on with these fun exercises at break and dinner too!

Easter Gardens

After learning about the items and their symbolism for our Easter Garden, we went to the Peace Garden and collected the things we needed. Back in class, we created our Easter Gardens in groups. 





Year 6 have been busy working on the topic of Algebra, which has been something completely new for us all: describing patterns and using a letter to denote a variable. We then moved on to writing expressions and using our algebraic knowledge to solve some tricky pattern problems!  



We have been extending our knowledge of printing, investigating mono-prints using brusho inks to create the backgrounds!



Be Internet Legends 

On the 8th March, we enjoyed a Virtual Assembly from Be Internet Legends, where we learned lots about how to stay safe online. We found out all about the amazing world of INTERLAND, a place which teaches us the skills to be Internet Legends. Try Interland at home via this link: 

Spring 1

Well, this was a very different half-term! Most of us have been at home this half term and some of us in school. Although we may have not been together in school, it has been so inspirational to see how all of our children have persevered and adapted! We know that if we can winter this one out, we can summer anywhere.

Anti-bullying week

In PSHCE and Computing, we celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and Safer Internet Day in February. 'Odd Socks Day' symbolised that we are all different and should just be ourselves.


Writing from Home

Daily story times have helped us to unwind and develop our love of reading. We also enjoyed drafting informative reports about imagined creatures and persuasive advertisements for bizarre gadgets.

Staying Strong

As part of our Physical Education. ‘Captain Confidence’ introduced weekly ‘5 ways 5 days to wellbeing’, sharing daily inspiring activities to keep our minds and bodies healthy during lockdown. We loved acting, exploring and working out to help us be mindful.

Living things and their Habitats

Living things and their Habitats was our focus in Science during Spring 1. We investigated plant reproduction and compared the life cycles of different animals in our local environment and around the world.


Whilst investigating rivers in Geography, researched how human geography has been shaped by physical geography and how some of our uses for rivers has changed over time.


World Book Day

For our extra-out-of-the-ordinary World Book Day, we took a break from dessing up and dressed down instead, wearing our pyjamas whether we were learning in school or at home. Over the course of the day, we took part in masterclasses from some of our World Book Day authors and helped to read for a combined total of 24, 840 minutes! 

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Newsletter

 All children from Year 1-6 have been provided with a new username to access Google Classroom, a virtual learning platform that we can use to continue learning in the event that we have to stay at home for a little while. Usernames and login details can be found at the back of your child's Reading Record.

Click here for Google Classroom:

Advent Stations

On our final day of the term, we took part in different Advent Stations. Each station helped us to slow down and reflect on the year that we have had and our hopes for the future. We loved all the activities at each station and the time to reflect at a busy time of year.


Special Visitors

Oh my goodness, oh my gracious. Today we were visited by some special visitors, who flew by to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We are sure they must be very busy at this time of year so thanks to Father Christmas and his reindeer for stopping by!



First Holy Communion

Many of our Year 5 children have now taken part in their First Holy Communion. It has been a longer journey than usual, but their parents, priest and all other catechists along the way are rightly proud of the children who have completed this holy sacrament. Individual photographs will be posted to your child's Google Classroom for download!




In Science this half-term, we are studying forces. Gravity was the first force we have researched: it is the force that pulls an unsupported object towards the centre of the Earth. Making craters was an excellent way to investigate gravitational force! We then investigated how a range of objects were affected by water resistance, including how streamlining helps objects such as boats move through the water more efficiently.


Guided Reading

We have been pushing ourselves hard in Guided Reading this year! When we initially read a text, we work together to summarise and understand new vocabulary. Then, we answer lots of questions about that same text to deepen our understanding before, finally, we work independently to see how much our comprehension of the text has improved.


We practise spellings every week at St. Edmund's! Each week, we have a specific focus and are introduced to it in class. Throughout the week, we learn the spellings using lots of different strategies in school and Spelling Shed at home. Children who improve lots on Spelling Shed get prizes at the end of the week and the hardest working classes take the trophies! At the start of the next week, we check our confidence with our spellings: the more we practise the more confident we get!

Santa's Mile

In our last week before finishing for Christmas, we have taken part in the Santa's Mile: it's just like a Daily Mile, except it's more...Christmassy! A little rain couldn't stop us getting our exercise and looking out for Father Christmas.



Reading Rewards

We have just had our final Reading Reward session of 2020! It was absolutely brilliant to see people here for the third time this year, the second time this year, the first time this year...and even the first time EVER! We have really pushed ourselves to read as much as possible. All completed reward cards will be entered into a raffle on World Book Day!

Forever Young

We have started a new unit of writing based on 'Inner Child', a short film about a boy whose inner child wants him to celebrate Christmas with his mum. It is a fantastic reminder to us all that even as we grow older, we should look to find joy and love around us - especially at Christmas.






Our Geography topic this half term is South America. We used the Atlases to identify all the countries and their capital cities too. We already have learned lots including the population, size, spoken languages and surrounding oceans. Ask us anything! 






Religious Education

This week we have been reflecting on vocations: understanding that we have been created by God with some definite purpose. We enjoyed reflecting on what the Christian Mission is, and how we might live up to the standards set by our creation.



Christmas Dinner & Christmas Party Day!

We spent time decorating our Hats ready to wear for Christmas Dinner. They looked fantastic! 

On Party day, we enjoyed lots of games such as pass the parcel, corners and musical statues. Year 5 and then Year 6 had a time slot in the hall for some incredible dancing 

Hour of Code

To celebrate the universal Hour of Code, we completed a series of activities on Dance Party where we learned how to code a chosen character: changing their dance moves, background colours and even adding fabulous backing dancers. We enjoyed the freedom of choosing from the songs and coding completely original dances!



Today we worked in pairs to rehearse and act out scenes between the boy and his inner child from 'Inner Child'. In the next lesson, we will use these scenes to help write dialogue that reveals the characters’ feelings and personalities. We certainly don't shy away from drama in Upper Key Stage Two!






This half term's Computer Science topic is all about coding with Speed, Direction and Co-ordinates. Once we had explored using precise values to control the speed of an object, we used free code to make our own simulations of cars accelerating and decelerating







As we enter the period of Advent, the GIFT team have been hard at work creating assemblies that they can share at a distance with the rest of the school. Click the image to see a simplified version of what they have been working on. 




Maths No Problem

We have been hard at work this half-term learning new methods of division and applying these to multi-step word problems. It has been a challenge and we have risen to it!

Autumn 1

School Leaders

Each year, staff from across the school discuss which children joining Year 6 exemplify our school values of love, care and respect. Our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl have been chosen because they have consistently set a wonderful standard for everyone around them. We know that we will be well-represented by them. 

Black History Month

We have been learning lots for the celebration of Black History Month.  From clues on our cards, we identified many important people to celebrate throughout history. After that we focused on celebrating Influential Musicians and the Music of Black Origin Award (MOBO). We have written some fantastic biographies!


Our science unit this half-term is Properties and Changes of Materials. We have been investigating the solubility of different substances, testing whether they create solutions or suspensions!



Reading Rewards

A select few of us have already earned our first Regular Reading Reward! Remember, we get a stamp for every week in which we have read on at least five days. Once we have four stamps we can exchange them for hot chocolate in the library!

Celebrating our Return to School

This video shows our finished Design Technology projects, we hope you enjoy them. If you haven't been on here for a little while, keep scrolling to see what else we've been getting up to.





Religious Education

October is the month of The Rosary In our lessons we have written instructions for Y3/4 to help them learn how to pray The Rosary. Also, we have spent some of our mindfulness time creating beautifully coloured, stained glass windows for our RE displays. 



Whilst studying Ancient Greece, we learned about the birth of democracy. We also studied ostracism, which was the process by which any citizen, including political leaders, could be expelled from the city-state for 10 years! Citizens voted by carving names into shards.



In Year 5 we have started our new unit of work on addition and subtraction. We represented numbers using place value counters and then demonstrated how to count on to find missing numbers in an addition calculation.


Pen Licenses

During the Autumn Term, we have been working diligently to earn our Pen Licenses. This Friday we have celebrated another group of children who have worked incredibly hard. Well done!


We have been doing lots of experiments this half term. We really enjoyed our Insulator Experiment. We tested which material was the best insulator to stop our ice cream from melting - unfortunately we had a lot of melted, inedible ice cream by the end!



Design Technology

In our design technology unit Automata Animals, we will be creating a collection of appealing moving mechanical animal models that will captivate people’s interest in the WWF charity. So far we have researched different animals' appearances and movements and learned about Cam and mechanisms. We already have lots of ideas for our designs!


As part of our celebration of European Day of Languages, we learned a French story based on a song: Promenons Nous Dans Les Bois. This song, along with lots of others, can be found by clicking here.




We have been creating our own relative clauses to create multi-clause sentences. Year 5 were able to embed relative clauses and Year 6 could experiment with using a variety of clause structures.