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Year 5/6


There are 3 classes in Upper Key Stage Two. The classes are: 

Team Amethyst - Mr Holcroft

Team Violet - Miss Rogers

Team Magenta - Mr Warburton

We are also assisted by the wonderful Mrs Butler, the amazing Mrs Fisher and the stupendous Miss Williams.


Upper Key Stage 2 Reminders


PE is each Wednesday and Thursday

Toast is available for the half-term via Parent Pay.

Your child will have a 'Reading Reward Card' in their reading record. Please ensure that your child reads each day - continuing to read with them is wonderful! If your child reads on at least five days in one week they will receive one stamp. When they have achieved 4 stamps your child will be given a reward in school. If you are unsure about anything, please speak to a member of the team. Thank you for your continued support and happy reading! 

We use Spelling Shed to practise our weekly spellings (tests each Monday), MyMaths to consolidate maths topics, and TTRockstars to increase our fluency with times tables. You can access each from here by clicking their icons.


Information Briefings

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we are unable to offer our usual Year 6 SATs briefing in school at the moment so we have uploaded some information below. The slides also include information about the secondary school application process. Please read the information carefully and ask any questions by ringing the school and asking to speak to your child's class teacher.

 Year 6 SATs 2020

 All children from Year 1-6 have been provided with a new username to access Google Classroom, a virtual learning platform that we can use to continue learning in the event that we have to stay at home for a little while. Usernames and login details can be found at the back of your child's Reading Record.

Click here for Google Classroom:




























School Leaders

Each year, staff from across the school discuss which children joining Year 6 exemplify our school values of love, care and respect. Our new Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl have been chosen because they have consistently set a wonderful standard for everyone around them. We know that we will be well-represented by them. 

Black History Month

We have been learning lots for the celebration of Black History Month.  From clues on our cards, we identified many important people to celebrate throughout history. After that we focused on celebrating Influential Musicians and the Music of Black Origin Award (MOBO). We have written some fantastic biographies!


Our science unit this half-term is Properties and Changes of Materials. We have been investigating the solubility of different substances, testing whether they create solutions or suspensions!



Reading Rewards

A select few of us have already earned our first Regular Reading Reward! Remember, we get a stamp for every week in which we have read on at least five days. Once we have four stamps we can exchange them for hot chocolate in the library!

Celebrating our Return to School

This video shows our finished Design Technology projects, we hope you enjoy them. If you haven't been on here for a little while, keep scrolling to see what else we've been getting up to.

What a half-term it has been! There have been so many little ways that our school day has had to change for staff, parents and for our children. We are so incredibly proud of how maturely our oldest children have adjusted; they have not only managed - they have thrived! They certainly deserve a break but we cannot wait to welcome them back soon!

Religious Education

October is the month of The Rosary In our lessons we have written instructions for Y3/4 to help them learn how to pray The Rosary. Also, we have spent some of our mindfulness time creating beautifully coloured, stained glass windows for our RE displays. 



Whilst studying Ancient Greece, we learned about the birth of democracy. We also studied ostracism, which was the process by which any citizen, including political leaders, could be expelled from the city-state for 10 years! Citizens voted by carving names into shards.




In Year 5 we have started our new unit of work on addition and subtraction. We represented numbers using place value counters and then demonstrated how to count on to find missing numbers in an addition calculation.


Pen Licenses

During the Autumn Term, we have been working diligently to earn our Pen Licenses. This Friday we have celebrated another group of children who have worked incredibly hard. Well done!





























We have been doing lots of experiments this half term. We really enjoyed our Insulator Experiment. We tested which material was the best insulator to stop our ice cream from melting - unfortunately we had a lot of melted, inedible ice cream by the end!



Design Technology

In our design technology unit Automata Animals, we will be creating a collection of appealing moving mechanical animal models that will captivate people’s interest in the WWF charity. So far we have researched different animals' appearances and movements and learned about Cam and mechanisms. We already have lots of ideas for our designs!


As part of our celebration of European Day of Languages, we learned a French story based on a song: Promenons Nous Dans Les Bois. This song, along with lots of others, can be found by clicking here.




We have been creating our own relative clauses to create multi-clause sentences. Year 5 were able to embed relative clauses and Year 6 could experiment with using a variety of clause structures.