St Edmund's RC Primary School

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St Edmund's RC Primary School

We have three classes in Year 5/6 this year:

Team Amethyst - Mr Holcroft

Team Violet - Miss Rogers

Team Magenta - Mr Warburton

PE is on the following days for each class:

Team Amethyst - Wednesday & Friday

Team Violet & Magenta - Wednesday & Thursday  






Sport Relief

On Friday we all came to school in our sports gear or an 80s outfit, ready for our Sport Relief Danceathon. We were the first year group at St Edmund's to start off the dancing. We had so much fun and so many costumes had clearly had a lot of time spent on them, they looked amazing!

A Missing Witch

Our World Book Fortnight was interrupted by the disappearance of a witch! Children investigated the scene of the disappearance and began to establish plausible explanations based on their findings.

Captain Confidence

We have been participating in a research project, alongside Salford Red Devils, to develop their skills as people to take forward into future life. Listening skills and mental resilience are two of the key topics so far. Alongside this, the children are completing work on Captain Confidence, developing their personal skills. 

Online Safety

Over the past four weeks, Mawuli has been visiting our classes to discuss friendship and respect. This week we dug a little deeper by learning about social media and how to make choices online that will keep us safe and happy. This is something that we will be looking at again during Safer Internet Day. Lots more information can be found by clicking here.


Year 5/6 are taking part in a half-term of Lacrosse hosted by Coach Dave.

The children have been focusing on a range of skills such as shovel pass, over-arm pass, and around the world.

Crucial Crew

Children in Year 6 visited Crucial Crew this week, where they were introduced to members of the Police, Travel Safe Partnership, British Transport Police, Greater Manchester Transport, Lifeboats, Salix Homes, St John's Ambulance and Diabetes (Health). 

We learned about how to be safe on the roads, trains and wider transport. We discussed anti-social behaviour consequences, and how to look after ourselves as get older, with the foods we choose to eat. We also practised keeping others safe if they are in need of help, following the 'DRs ABC' and putting our partners in the recovery position. 

Religious Education

Father John visited us this week to answer questions we had written about being called to the priesthood. It was wonderful to get the opportunity to discuss what it means to have a vocation.



In English, children have been unpicking the structure of suspenseful short film, Alma, so that they can map out their own tales of suspense. The video is available here, and our next step is to replace the key events in Alma with our own ideas. What might your main character spot in the window?

Co-Curricular Activities

There are a range of co-curricular activities available across the course of the year. This half term children are offered:

Football Y5 - Monday

Boosters Y6 - Monday

Bootcamp - Wednesday

Cricket - Thursday











IT PowerPoint Presentations

We have spent a lot of time researching and comparing Manchester and Baghdad (our history topic). On the chrome books, we then created PowerPoints, enjoying choosing fonts, themes, pictures and special effects. Finally, we presented them in front of the class.

The Weather - in French!

World Book Day

We had a fantastic World Book Day this year! We created potions for everything from making your toenail hair grow to letting you read a seahorse's mind! Whole school activities can be found by clicking here.

We really enjoyed creating and performing our own poems in the style of 'The Witch's Brew'!

Anti-Bullying Week & Safer Internet Day 2020

On Tuesday 11th February, we came to school wearing odd socks to show our awareness for Anti-Bullying Week & Safer Internet Day. In class we had some fantastic discussions about how to make St Edmund's a lovely place for everyone to come to school, and how we can #makeachange. We shared advice and suggestions about how we should behave towards others online, and who to talk to if we are worried about anything. 

World of Work 

This week we celebrated the World of Work and spent time in Year 5/6 focusing on equality of jobs, our skills and qualities, and which jobs we may be suited for, based on our skills and qualities. We really enjoyed completing the Animal Me quiz - which can be found here:

If you want to look further into the suggested careers or one you are interested in, look here:

Contour Line Maps

Our topic this half term is Mountains. We have been identifying mountain ranges on maps and in particular, reading contour lines. We made our own contour line models. The outer layer shows that the land on this hill would be 0-100m tall. The next is 100m - 200m, and so on. We really enjoyed making these and have become experts at visualising the hills / mountains from contour lines. 


Fire Safety Visit 

The Fire service visited us this week to talk to us about the importance of staying safe, especially near Bonfire Night. We watched a video showing the effects of not being safe and sensible near Fireworks. They told us we should only go to arranged Fireworks Displays. 

In the middle of the talk the fire fighters received a radio call and had to leave us suddenly to attend it. Within 30 seconds they ran from the hall, packed away the fire engine and left school. This was very impressive and reminded us how important their job is. 

Homework: Children are expected to complete one task per week from the homework grid. Click the link above to see our current one. 

Reading: All children should bring their reading book every day and read at least 3 times per week. These are checked on Mondays.

Spellings: These are set on Spelling Shed on Tuesdays and will be tested on the following Tuesday.

TTRS: Children should access their Times Tables practice frequently using TTRockstars.

Toast is 15p per day - please try to send the correct money.



St Ambrose Visit

St Ambrose came in to visit the Year 6s who will be attending their school in September. We found out all about the school day as a Year 7 and even had a go at reading a timetable! 

Silver Trail

Well done to all children who have brought in money for our Silver Trail so far. All the generous donations will be going to Cafod and Caritas. 

BBC Newsround

Newsround visited our school to find out our thoughts on all things books and reading. The children certainly did themselves very proud! The original article can be found by clicking here.

Library time - we love reading!

This year has been very exciting as our library has grown and become a truly fantastic place to visit and change our library books. We have been very lucky to receive  new books for our year groups in assembly, and to enjoy choosing and reading a range of books during our weekly library sessions. 

Animals Including Humans

In Science this half-term we have been learning about how our circulatory system transports oxygen and nutrients around the body. Lots of us had started to learn about this already with some fantastic homework!

Reading Rewards

The first Friday for our Reading Rewards has arrived! Children from across the school who have made a fantastic effort with their home reading. From now on, children who have earned four stamps on their Reading Reward Card can come to the library on a Friday dinner time to claim their reward. Click this link for more information on our Reading Reward Cards.

Hour of Code

Hour of Code is celebrated all over the world on the week 9th -13th December. This year in Year 5/6, we were introduced to the coding language of Python. We really enjoyed this. The activities seemed very simple at first, but soon we were creating some very tricky python codes! 


Our topic this half term is Light. This week we made Periscopes. Once complete, we looked through them and discussed what we could see, and how a periscope works.

Design Technology

Our teams are getting to grips with applying their understanding of computing to program, monitor and control products. To get started, we investigated Micro:bits - simple computers that can be programmed to control products. 

Children can practise programming Micro:bits at home without having to buy anything at all! 


In History, we have been learning about the Viking invasions of England. We have learned the Vikings conquered the majority of Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia, until King Alfred and his son, King Edward of Wessex, managed to resist. Can you remember which countries the Vikings invaded from?

Welcome to our Y5/6 page!

Hello there! Each year we always get together at the end of the school year to say our goodbyes. This year has been very different for everyone, but hopefully we can still gather on this page to celebrate how absolutely, incredibly, phenomenally amazing our Year 6s have been. YOU are exceptional young people and it has been a blessing to have you grow up under our care. Thank you also to their fantastic teachers and everyone who has supported them on their journey to become as wonderful as they are. This video will stay here for a little while to remind you how far you have come and prove to you that you are more than ready for the challenges of high school.


Remember, we will arrange to have a proper goodbye in October where you can sign shirts and lose at football. Don't throw away those shirts - we can sign them all together! God bless and have a wonderful summer.

We held a quick information meeting for our Year 6 parents earlier in the year to give a brief overview of the tests in May. If you were unable to attend, don't worry! The slides from the meeting can be accessed by clicking the heading above.

Years 5 and 6 have started learning through Maths No Problem!

These are pictures of the children investigating Chinese abacuses. The counters at the top represent five and the counters at the bottom each represent zero. The children had fun persevering with a difficult problem and using physical resources to create models.

Mrs Dumbleton held a Parent Meeting about Maths No Problem! on Wednesday 25th September to introduce how the scheme works. Click the title above for information from the meeting.

Day of Languages

As part of our school-wide European Day of Languages celebrations, children were invited to bring in items which reflected their cultural heritage. It was wonderful and fascinating to hear children discuss the different aspects that they feel define their cultural heritage. 

After our discussions, we wrote poems, which beautifully illustrated the food, music, jokes and songs that make up our cultures.

Thank you to all the children who brought and shared items from home. 



Flower Sculptures

Our Art topic this half term is Sculpture. We have been looking at flowers and their petal shapes carefully. We experimented making different petal shapes using pipe cleaners.

Now we have started creating our sculptures using wire, tissue paper, water and glue. 

After creating all of our petals, we worked really quickly to hold our petals in place and attach using the glue gun. Our creations looked fabulous in the end!