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St Edmund's RC Primary School

Lledr Hall 2016

Daily Life at Lledr

As we come to the end of our fabulous week at Lledr Hall, here is a final selection of pictures which sums up daily life at Lledr for your bemusement.

It has been an absolute pleasure spending time with the children this week. They have been a joy to work with, and are a credit to you and to our school. Lots of fun has been had by all, and I think it is safe to say that the children have got to know the staff they will be working with in Year 6 very well indeed.

Thursday - Our last full day of adventures

Another great day has been had by all, we have all now experienced the wonders of Snowdonia National park, having explored underground, over-ground and on the water. We have received compliments from everyone we've met about the behaviour of our children whilst out and about. By now the children had heard their friends talking about the three different activities, so they left the centre feeling fairly confident they knew what to expect from their day out. As always, the Lledr Hall teachers had some tricks up their sleeves, and managed to throw in a few surprises along the way - keeping everyone on their toes and wide awake (unlike the boys, who were all still snoring when Mrs Dumbleton went to wake them up at 7.30am). You may notice the children have added quite a few 'selfies' today. See you tomorrow!

The Night Line

The children were kitted out with blindfold goggles. With the help of a sighted guide, they had to navigate a series of obstacles around the grounds without letting go of the 'night-line'. Alicia and Leoni enjoyed themselves immensely, although it took them twice as long as everyone else because they spent so much time fighting off imaginary enemies. Kade and Jaydon were the stars of the evening, as they helped each other round the course without a sighted guide.  

In the manner of 'I'm a celebrity', there were a number of surprises awaiting them around the course.

Group 1 - Mrs Dumbleton and the splashtastic crew headed off to Llyn Padarn for canoeing. By now, word had got around that they had to help with lifting and assembling the canoes, so this was done with minimal fuss, and we were soon paddling off across the lake, with a clear and cloudless view of Snowdon in front of us. After lunch, we completed some problem solving challenges on the water - with Kirsten, Jack P and Caitlin proving excellent at thinking outside the box. (Or should that be canoe!) After the obligatory visit to the ice-cream shop, it was time to end our adventurous activity week with a leap into the lake. After helping to expertly unload the canoes, Isabelle learnt how to steer the canoe, and Myles managed a somersault into the lake.

Group 2 - Mr Holcroft and the guinea pigs were the first to test out an entirely new and challenging route, deep within the mine. Following in the footsteps of mine-workers through the ages, we gained a taste of what life would have been like for children working as miners in the 1900s. We crawled, clambered and scrambled into the heart of the mountain for lunch by candlelight before blowing out the candles and plunging into total darkness. The real challenge started when we were asked to climb up a waterfall within the mine - Mia and Lena hauled themselves unflinchingly up the ropes, while Ewan kept us all in good spirits.

Group 3 - Mrs Butler and Mrs Fisher were away with the fairies today, as they completed the beautiful 4 and a half mile walk from Betws-y-Coed, up the Roman road and Avon Gwyn (white river). Our surprise was a visit to the Fairy Glen - sadly, the fairies were not at home today, however we managed to spot their home and furniture. Maisey led the way, with Darragh and Ellis as the rear guard ensuring no-one got lost. Isabel M had a surprise close encounter with a froglet , whilst the riverside midges took a shine to Alicia's legs. Kade kept us all entertained with his lunchtime jokes - watch out Peter Kay, he's after your job!

Camp Fire Fun

Mr Holcroft and Mrs Butler built us a camp fire by the river. The children were sent on a hunt for 'the perfect stick', Abigail was really good at this task and helped her classmates out. Once we all had a stick, and the flames were nice and high, we all toasted marshmallows. Then we had a disco under the trees, until the midges decided it looked like fun, and came to spoil the party. Supper tonight was hot chocolate and cake - yummy!

Our first day at Lledr!

Wow! Our first day and we have already managed to pack so much in! When we arrived at Lledr Hall, we familiarised ourselves with the grounds with some orienteering.

Getting lost all the time was hungry work, so we were treated to a three-course meal before getting to grips with our new walking boots by going for a 5km walk.

By the time we got back to the Hall it was time to relax and get ready for bed, but not before celebrating somebody's Birthday! Happy Birthday Jacob, and thanks for the cake!

Tuesday - Our first full day of adventure

Today, we split into our three activity groups and spent the day exploring the area around Lledr Hall. We met Mr Kirwan, Mrs Fryer and Miss Court (the staff from Lledr Hall). Mrs Dumbleton surprised us all by returning from school, just in time for tea! This evening, we played outside in the grounds of the hall, before watching a film in our pyjamas at suppertime. 

Group 1 - Mrs Fisher and the tribe were kitted out with lovely, fetching red helmets. They headed off on a trek through a forest, before entering a cavernous mine. Jade was thrilled that she found the light at the end of the tunnel, and Kyle worked out the combination to the lock.

Group 2 - Mr Holcroft and the Hobbits went for - and I cannot stress this enough - the LONGEST WALK OF OUR LIVES. Dropped off in the middle of nowhere, Group 2 were tasked with finding our way home. With Jack N, Paige and Jacob as the trailblazers, we braved steep inclines and riverside cliffs in an arduous (but really quite lovely) five mile walk. Thanks to Brayden's resourceful use of a rock as an iPhone, we just about made it back in time for tea.

Group 3 - Mrs Butler and the water-babies went canoeing on Llyn Padarn at Llanberis. They visited the Mining hospital museum, and stopped for a delicious ice-cream in the village. Phoebe and Beth were fantastic paddlers and Jamie's face really enjoyed his chocolate ice-cream!

Wednesday - Fun and frolics in the sun...

Today we got up bright and early and headed out for another fun-filled action-packed day of adventure. Despite rain at breakfast time, the clouds soon cleared and we've been blessed with another beautiful sunny day. This evening we're going out to explore the jungle-gym, hopefully this will tire us out nicely and we'll all have another good night's sleep.

Group 1 - Mrs Dumbleton and the intrepid explorers travelled by minibus to Betws-y-Coed and then walked back to Lledr Hall via the reservoir at Llyn Elsi. We learnt a lot about local flora and fauna, Sammy spotted a newt, and Mrs Dumbleton held a baby frog. We all struck a stylish pose when crossing the numerous stiles. Mikey was brilliant at spotting signposts and Joe learnt that 'perygl' means 'danger' in Welsh. 

Group 2 - Mr Holcroft, Mrs Fisher and the gang headed out across Llyn Padarn in the canoes. Some of the children were a bit unsure at first - but soon found their sea-legs in order to reach the other side for ice-cream selfies. Afterwards, we returned to the lagoons for splashing fun. Despite Mr Holcroft's best endeavours, there were no casualties, and everyone returned safely to the Hall. Scarlett discovered a new talent for paddling canoes and Alex ably demonstrated how to escape a capsized canoe!

Group 3 - Snow Butler and the eleven dwarves went out to explore the mine. They learnt about the history of slate mining and ate their dinner by candlelight. Jaydon has a job for life splitting slate tiles, so if anyone needs the roof doing, he's your man. Michael and Jamie thought they might base-jump back down the mountain, but luckily landed on a grassy mound!

Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym - Tonight we went on the jungle gym. There were tunnels, bridges, a rope swing and a vertical drop slide. Everybody conquered their fears and tried everything (with some persuasion). The evening ended with football and games of stuck in the mud (literally) on the lawn in front of the hall, with board games in the lounge before supper.