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Advent Prayer Stations 2019

The whole school dedicated a morning to pray and reflect around the theme of Advent. Interactive prayer stations were set up to encourage the children to think about Advent being a time to prepare themselves to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

EYFS Advent Prayer Bags

The children worked in their key worker groups to explore the Advent Prayer Bags. The children lit battery operated candles and thought about how Jesus brings his light to people to show them the way. Using hearts, the children explored the meaning of love and the children were encouraged to pray for those people they love. The children used pipe cleaners to create a symbol of something that brings them joy. The children held stars and thought about the Wise Men following the star, the children were encouraged to think about peace in our troubled world. Finally, the children made a bed for Jesus and thought about all the love that Jesus brings to their lives. 

KS1 Advent Prayer Stations

The children in KS1 explored the 4 themes of Advent; Hope, Peace, Love and Joy through listening and responding to scripture in a variety of ways. The children made peace chains and wrote messages of peace for across the world. The children wrote prayers of hope onto stars. On lanterns of light, the children thought about Jesus being the light of the world, children wrote messages about how Jesus guides us in our lives. Finally, the children decorated baubles and wrote a message to someone they love. 

KS2 Advent Prayer Stations

The children in KS2, participated in 6 interactive Advent prayer stations across the morning. The children had opportunities to listen and respond to Holy scripture in a variety of ways. The 4 themes of Advent (Hope, Peace, Love and Joy) were explored encouraging the children to think about how they can prepare and change their own lives to let the light of Jesus show them the way.