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European Day of Languages

Monday 26th September was European Day of Languages. Our school celebrated with a day of music and singing. Each class learnt a French song and we all joined together in the hall at the end of the day for our 'St Edmund's Song Contest'. 

Year 6 sang 'Promenons nous dans les bois' - a song about going for a walk in the woods. Watch out for the surprise at the end!

Mrs Brookes' class sang 'Jean Petit qui danse' - they learnt actions to match the words of the song.


Miss McCarron's class sang 'J'aime la galette' - a traditional French song about biscuits. 

Year 1 and 2 sang 'Bonjour, s'il vous plait' - a song about different French greetings.


Year 5 sang 'Savez vous planter les choux' - a song about planting cabbages.


Reception sang 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes', they did really well to learn all the French words.


Miss Moran's class sang 'Frere Jacques' - they sang in a round, and some children learnt a dance with Mrs Johnson.